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An Ecofeminist Perspective on My Antonia

Author ZhouMengHua
Tutor WeiXiaoFei
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords My Antonia Ecofeminism Anti - androcentric Anti-anthropocentric Harmony
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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\Fiction since the publication, has attracted the attention of many scholars and critics. Them from all angles, the interpretation of the novel, such as Marxist criticism, feminist criticism, cultural criticism, eco-criticism. In recent years, with the rise of the eco-feminist scholars this theory applies to literary criticism. Ecofeminism academia for \provide a new perspective to understand the novel, the social significance of the novel to discover a deeper level. The ecofeminism explore contact between the predatory male oppression of women and human nature, the feminist movement, and ecological protection movement stressed the need to combine that male-centered ideology of women and nature in opposing subordination and use it as an excuse for the implementation of the rule of male to female and natural. Can be seen by the unequal treatment of women and nature stems from the patriarchy. The ecofeminism aimed to overthrow the regime, deconstruction androcentric and anthropocentric, the construction of the new world of a male and female in harmony with nature. Expand along the main line: patriarchal society women and natural study of the status quo - the deconstruction of patriarchy - the construction of the New World. First, the article discusses the current situation of women and nature in a patriarchal society and the contact, research both in the patriarchal society in which the oppressed status, pointed out that women in a patriarchal society, just as the roles of wife and mother, and the object of the male libido, and natural constant requests and plunder of the patriarchal society. Drawn on this basis, resulting in women and natural source of oppression from patriarchy. Subsequently, the paper analyzes the process of deconstruction of patriarchy in the novel. Antonia, Lena and Teini, immigrant women become the pillar of the family, and the pursuit of independence, and take concrete actions to initiate a challenge to the androcentric, Jim and Antonia representatives civilized city lost myself, and on behalf the nature of the grasslands was able to live happily ever after, that man and nature are inseparable, patriarchal society and civilization and the natural opposition is not desirable. Finally, to further explore the patriarchy was overthrown after the construction of the New World novel. In this world, men and women live in harmony: Antonia longer blindly obedient, dependent on their husbands, but established the relationship of equality, cooperation and her husband; friendship between her and Jim also has been sublimated to eliminate Jim inherent patriarchy on women prejudice. In addition, the human and natural harmony: Antonia a love and respect for nature, and naturally give them huge returns, and enable them to live a prosperous life. Here, the human and natural interdependence and common development.

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