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The Analysis of Narrative Techniques in Pamela

Author WangYanJun
Tutor WuQingJun
School Hebei University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Pamela Focus Narrator Narrative structure
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Samuel Richardson, one of the most famous novelist of the 18th century in the United Kingdom, he is director of the epistolary novel before he was to inherit and carry forward the epistolary novel art reached its pinnacle. \Many scholars since the advent of novel its depth study, but most critics focus on the interpretation of the text itself, yet critics this narrative techniques of the novel detailed analysis and research. However, Richardson \Based on this, narrative theory, re-interpretation of \intent, and thus be able to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding and interpretation of the novel's characters, plot and theme. The thesis is divided into five parts: the introduction, I briefed the author of the novel; overview of the current research on novel conditions; epistolary novel in the trajectory of the development of the West; narratology rise and development. The first chapter is focused narrative \This chapter begins with a brief introduction to the characteristics of its role of narrative focus. Then discusses the use of three focus mode \Use of inner focus allows us to learn more about the hero's inner world and the outside world; narrative self and experience self changing to more clearly demonstrate the hero of the social reality of the fallen; number - cross-focus enable us to more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the theme of the novel. The second chapter focuses on the narrator of \This chapter briefly describes the basic functions of the concept, the type of the narrator in narrative works. In the second section, the analysis by the narrator of the novel of the same story, Pamela demonstrated in the description of the process they have publicly narrator the typical female identity and unreliable narrator reveals These three characteristics. The third section a simple analysis of the narrator of the novel appears as a secondary narrator different story. The chapter concludes with analysis of the relationship between the narrator narrative features and reviews, and these two functions in the novel. Through these two functions, the narrator criticized era social moral depravity, and the status of female oppression. The third chapter discusses the structural features of \\First, the analysis of the plot of \Novel dual narrative system provides a novel dual plot to double the use of the plot to enrich the narrative techniques of the novel; composite plot structure allows us to a clearer perspective of the protagonist's inner world. Secondly, \Unique forms and characteristics of the beginning and end of this novel is not only able to further diversify the novel's narrative skills, but also be able to attract the reader's eyes to a greater extent. Finally, the summary of the entire paper, to reiterate the main argument, once again stressed the to study novel significance keynote narratology.

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