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Author ChenZuo
Tutor YeChaoCheng
School Hubei University of Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords The Sound and the Fury Existentialist theme Absurd Alienation Despair Anxiety
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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William Faulkner not only through his work shows his familiar Oxford Oak City in real life, but as he explored the Mississippi where the human condition. He will be the hero of the novel's personal experiences linked with the destiny of humanity, to explore major issues of human existence. In this paper, based on the absorption of previous studies, discusses his \Although Faulkner was not strictly existentialist writer, but his novels reflect the existential philosophy, through the deep experience of life to show the way, pay attention to the value of individual existence. Here we discuss the main theme is absurd, despair, alienation and isolation. Mr. Compson is a man of weak character. He put the Old South values ??passed on to his children, especially his eldest son Quentin. But because of his nihilism and cynicism and contrary to the traditional value system of the South, and his family descend disillusionment this is proof of his failure, alcohol anesthesia by seeking to evade reality. Mrs. Compson is a cold, vanity, self-pity of the South \root of the tragedy, for the family financial situation of abjection has an inescapable responsibility, directly led to the tragedy of the children. Social change will inevitably lead to changes in the way people behave. The 1st of the collapse of social order and ideology that would rely on the traditional values ??of old people lost lives and psychological balance, leading to social and spiritual crisis. In the traditional value system after the collapse and before the establishment of a new system of values, different people have different ways to face the crisis. Fall, people can not escape and suicide to be free and to solve all problems. So they should be brave in the face of a changing world and life. In the novel, the author advocates is courage, honor, hope, compassion and even sacrifice. Today, we live in a world full of sound and fury of the society, we should still carry forward the traditional virtues of humanity, so that they can adapt to changing social development, and truthfully and indomitable in the face of various difficulties. This addition to the introduction and conclusion beyond constituted by the six chapters. The first chapter briefly discusses the basic concept of existentialism and literary works often involve the two topics: absurdity, alienation and despair, and analyzes the works of Faulkner's theme of humanity in care. The second chapter from the novel to analyze the social environment; respectively, from the economic decay and moral turpitude, to illustrate this is a world of alienation. Chapter novels focus around between people escape and absurd, tragic endings and characters. Chapter members around the Compson family alienation and loneliness. CHAPTER around existentialist theme: despair and anxiety. Chapter VI is surrounded Compson family servant Dilsey despite her indifference and exclusion, still hard working to serve them, to find their own value.

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