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A Cyclical Journey of Man-nature Relationship

Author XuMeiHua
Tutor DongHongChuan
School Chongqing Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Coleridge Ecological Thought Man and nature Anthropocentrism Ecological holism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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As the history of English literature's greatest Romantic poets, Samuel Taylor Coleridge life creation much, but it occupies an important position in the history of literature. His most important poems of the Ancient Mariner Wing, \Among them, the \\Nature did not let the old sailor dead, but more severely punish him - let his life to repent, to suffer mental torture: stopped by passers-by to explain what had happened to the people, warning people never want to respect and cherish the natural everything. The Ancient Mariner Wing \Kill innocent birds the marks between man and nature, a complete break and diametrically opposed. Criticism from the ecological point of view, this paper intends to proceed, An Analysis of the poem in the \The thesis is divided into five parts. The first part briefly Coleridge's life and his masterpiece \The second part of the Interpretation of the Coleridge poem against humanity embodied the central idea. In his view, human control and conquer nature, resulting in the alienation of man and nature. Mankind must reflect on human behavior, correctly handle the relationship between man and nature, in order to achieve the peaceful coexistence of man and nature. The third part reveals preached in the poem of the Ecological Holism. Coleridge seems, human beings are part of nature, natural intrinsic value of its existence. Humans have only respect for nature, back to nature, be conducive to the prosperity and development of the entire ecosystem. The fourth part of the heritage, historical background, philosophy of life and life experiences to analyze the source of his ecological thinking. The fifth part is a brief review of the full text and draw conclusions. As the the Romantic literature open circuit, the spiritual content of Coleridge not only affect his generation, also has a profound practical significance for the modern face of the ecological crisis and spiritual crisis.

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