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Analysis of the Impact of Tailings Dam Stability under Seepage Role

Author DongFengQiang
Tutor LiuWenLian
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords Tailings dam Seepage Stability ABAQUS Numerical simulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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More than 90% of the tailings dam is about upstream embankment method dam in China,the accident of upstream tailings dam mostly because high saturation line or the impact of seepage.Tailings dam is different from the dam of hydraulic reservoir, its construction process is the production process of mining enterprises, so the impact of seepage on the dam has its particularity.Most of the tailings dam failure are caused by seepage according to available data now, we only in-depth analyse the seepage of tailings, determine the appropriate tailings dam type、drainage facilities and a reasonable size, in order to ensure the stability and safety of dam.This thesis is supportted by the zhuziqing tailings of Jiudingshan mining limited company in Midu Xian,use the seepage theory to do the numerical simulatio by ABAQUS of finite element software,obtain the stability of the influence and correlation come to the tailings dam stability on seepage and other factors,and present the measures about reduce effect of tailings dam stability on seepage. This work includes the following aspects:1、Analysing the physical nature and status of the tailings, sediment characteristics and permeability of the tailings, analyse the tailings dam stability by effective stress analysis.2、Using the mechanism of porous media flow,obtaining the basic flow equations and the initial conditions and boundary conditions of setting about the water seepage in the dam.3、Established the two-dimensional and 3D finite element model of tailings dam,analyzed the static stability of the tailings dam and compared 1:5、1:4、1:3 different gradient of tailings embankment displacement field, when the slope increases, the level and vertical displacement of the dam are increasing. Proving that during the investigation or calculation of tailings dam we can not only investigat or calculat the profile along the valley bottom,must investigat or calculat at least left、middle and right three profiles of the main dam, can understand the tailings dam material, the stress field and displacement field distribution.4、Do the analysis of the two-dimensional and 3D finite element fluid-structure interaction,the displacement of the dam under gravity increase about 20% than considering only the static stability when considering the impact of seepage, Proving we need consider the impact of seepage on the dam stability when we compute tailings dam stability.5、Analysised the risk factors of effect dam stability and presented the measures about reduce effect of tailings dam stability on seepage.Through the three-dimensional and two-dimensional finite element simulation results comparison,we know that using 3D finite element method on analysis of dam stability is more real、reliable, and save project investment.We should analyze 3D model as much as possible when doing the finite element analysis of dam stability.

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