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An Analysis and Evaluation to PEP New Teaching Material for Chinese in Senior Middle School

Author LiangYanChun
Tutor ChenYuQiu
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Education
Keywords New high school language textbook Text analysis Investigation and analysis Comprehensive Evaluation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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In foreign countries, as an important part of the course evaluation theory textbook analysis and evaluation theory, has a more mature standards and models, and to promote the development of teaching materials. However, for a long time, China's construction of teaching materials and teaching materials evaluation mechanisms is lagging behind, we have neither the freedom of choice of teaching material, nor the formation of a standard model of the scientific and objective evaluation of textbooks. After the 1990s, China's construction of teaching materials has made a major breakthrough, textbooks diversification has become more evident, primary and secondary schools have more choices on the use of the textbook. At the same time, educators have increasingly felt to establish a set of objective standards and modes of analysis and evaluation of scientific textbooks necessity and urgency. People's Education Press New high school language textbook 1997 test, in the two provinces and one city in the country to promote the use of the fall of 2000, ended in 2002, a full set of textbooks has been replaced finished. The new teaching materials compared to the old textbooks, there are great changes. How do these changes? What criteria to evaluate the quality and value of the teaching materials? This is a valuable topic. According to the needs of the curriculum reform, my current analysis and evaluation of the kit will serve two purposes: to provide a reference for the basic units choose to use textbooks; suggestions to the the textbook compilation unit improved materials. As a starting point to the spirit of China's new round of curriculum reform, textbook features and characteristics of the language subjects, with reference to the the foreign textbook analysis and evaluation theory, I identified twenty standard language teaching materials evaluation and analysis of four dimensions, and use it as basis to ask questions, gather information, preparation of the questionnaire, relatively objective, scientific analysis and evaluation of the new materials. The steps of the analysis and evaluation will be carried out in three steps: lt; WP = 5 gt; first step, text analysis. Read through the text, understand the new materials, text entity, and in the light of similar teaching materials to make a general presentation and analysis of the new materials, including the system of teaching materials, teaching materials, selected articles, teaching materials and teaching methods of design of practice arrangement of activities and materials analysis of staffing levels. The second step, the survey analysis. Reflect the dynamic textbook quality information and data collected through a survey, and statistical analysis. Topics covered include: the views and opinions of the teachers teaching materials; teachers teaching textbooks; the student textbooks favorite; students use textbooks and learning method changes. The results of the investigation authority social science statistics software SPSS statistical guarantee the accuracy of the statistical analysis. The third step, a comprehensive evaluation and reform proposals. The first two steps on the basis of the four dimensions of a comprehensive evaluation of teaching materials: Comment from the cultural connotation of dimensions, the new textbook reflects the spirit of the new outline, reflecting the dialectical unity of the mainstream culture and multicultural concept has distinctive cultural characteristics of the times and the modern consciousness, pay attention to the aesthetic taste and cultural connotation of the selected text, focusing on the emotional nurturing of literary works and creeping ink of the role, but to motivate students to explore, innovation and practice is not ideal. Comment from the knowledge and scientific dimensions, new teaching materials focus on comprehensively improve students' language literacy, to reflect the structure of the basics of the language subjects, reading and writing, and oral communication sorting and cataloging system, but has yet to be perfected. Textbooks attention to leave some space to play to the initiative and creativity of teachers and students, but on different levels of the school, the adaptability of the different levels of development and personalized student needs to be strengthened. Comment from the dimension of cognition and development law, new textbooks focus arouse students' interest in learning and thirst for knowledge. Capacity requirements of the various aspects of the teaching materials and training target sequence clearly reflects the basic ability regularity, can do it step by step. The textbooks attention to the left to the students' independent thinking and self-exploration, space, culture and learning abilities, the development of the student's personality. Lack of textbook knowledge of the presentation is not conducive to intrinsic motivation to inspire students to learn, a high textbooks and junior high school textbooks convergence ineffective starting the degree requirements too high. Comment from the preparation of the horizontal dimension, the preparation of new teaching materials and a high level of craftsmanship has a certain appeal, in the form of appearance and layout. The new philosophy will inevitably lead to some omissions to be corrected. The recommended language teaching materials to enhance the adaptability, openness, dynamic and innovative. On the teaching and use of teaching materials, it is recommended that a correct understanding of the tools and Humanity in the dialectical relationship between the attention to recite exercises, curricular teaching LANGUAGE TEXTBOOK used in conjunction with the Research Study, cultivate autonomy, cooperation and explore ways of learning. In the context of the new curriculum reform is moving forward, the forthcoming high school language curriculum standards, language teaching materials to be further reform, analysis and evaluation of the new materials is a valuable topic, it can help people the quality and value of the new materials make relatively objective, scientific judgment, or to provide a basis for judging for textbook writers, users reference for decision-making in the promotion, selection and use of teaching materials. This article attempts will also contribute to the formation of language teaching materials evaluation mode.

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