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The Validity of Interpretation and Over-interpretation of Literature under the Perspective of the Hermeneutic Circle

Author GaoJiGuo
Tutor HuangNianRan
School Central China Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Hermeneutical circle Literary Interpretation Validity Over- interpretation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Hermeneutical circle is an extremely important concept of hermeneutics , classical form before Heidegger and his modern form can be divided according to the change of its meaning . Fine combing of the ancient times to the evolution of the concept of the hermeneutical circle , a particular focus of Astor , Schleiermacher , Dilthey , Heidegger and Gadamer hermeneutical circle thinking . Ancient China , although there is no clear hermeneutic formulation , but it has a wealth of hermeneutic thinking represented by Mencius \phase with the Western class through the spirit of the resources , and that the problem of literary interpretation to provide the corresponding theoretical draw . A problem arising out of the text inside and text outside hermeneutical circle to explain the validity . About the validity of the interpretation initially by the United States and literary critic He Shiti he explained The book detailed discussion of the validity . Theorists Seoul but go further , clearly put forward the views of \Over- interpretation of the essence of the problem also comes from the extension of the validity of interpretation , it is first in the 1990s by the Italian semiotician Umberto Eco proposed . Umberto Eco , Rorty and Culler speech collection compiled and published \The paper on each view the of Discrimination and sort out our thinking Tiaofenlvxi , in order to further the understanding on this issue . He Shiti out on the meaning of the text and the means distinction is very important and can help us to recognize the different interpretations of the text where the theoretical differences , but Seoul 's \\Overinterpreted agree with Umberto Eco 's view of the study of the operating mechanism of the text on the the historical retrospective overinterpreted sources , and Culler claims .

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