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High-level fast multipole method for accurate modeling of complex electromagnetic scattering

Author GongXiaoDong
Tutor NieZaiPing
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords Electromagnetic scattering Integral equation method Method of Moments Higher - order method High - level geometric modeling Higher - order basis functions Fast multipole method Multilevel fast multipole method
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Efficient solving of complex electromagnetic scattering and radar target identification for radar system design has very important significance . Efficient solving of complex electromagnetic scattering contains two meanings . First : the ability to achieve in the limited computer resources under the conditions of accurate modeling and calculation of target scattering properties , the results should be consistent with the measured value with high precision . Second : in the premise , to achieve a more rapid analysis and calculation . So, look for a strict , efficient and accurate means of analysis has become the focus of the study target scattering . In this paper, based on higher-order moment method of fast multipole method ( FMM ) and the multilevel fast multipole algorithm ( MLFMA ) computational complexity of the target electromagnetic scattering . The method is compared with the low-level method , the desired the unknown quantity less storage needed less , while maintaining high precision of calculation results , etc. having a high level of convergence . In this paper, a benchmark targets such as conducting sphere , the amygdala , two olives body of backscatter results , these results are in good agreement with the measured values ??, which shows the efficiency of the proposed method . This paper systematically elaborated on the basis of the study as a whole subject - the key technology of the moment method , such as geometric modeling of the target body , the basis functions and the choice of the function , the integral equation singular integral processing . Next , details of the higher - order method two aspects: a high - level geometric modeling and high-order basis functions . Several commonly used high-end chip unit and higher-order basis functions . Complex three-dimensional conductor electromagnetic scattering problems , this paper uses a curved triangular patch analog scattering surface , combined with high - order interpolation divergence conformal basis functions for analysis . This paper analyzes the typical three-dimensional conductive electromagnetic scattering , to obtain a better calculation results proved the correctness of the methods and procedures . Finally, on the basis of the study , the research for efficient solving complex electromagnetic scattering problem complexity and the fast multipole method and the multilevel fast multipole method . A comprehensive exposition of the basic principles of fast multipole multilevel fast multipole method . In-depth analysis of how it applies to higher-order moments method .

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