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A Study on Spatio-Temporal Evolutional Structures and Rule of County Regional Economic Difference in Henan Province Based on GIS

Author MaoDaoYun
Tutor QinYaoChen;QianLeXiang
School Henan University
Course Human geography
Keywords County Level Economic Disparities Geographic Information Systems Spatial evolution of structure Henan Province
CLC P208
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Regional differences is one of the the objective phenomena occur in the process of development of human society, and has long been much of academia, government and the general public concern. Many scholars or from economic or social aspects, or the two combined to study this problem. Henan is China's first populous Since the 1980s, the rapid economic development, the total level is rising in the country's ranking, but regional economic differences also undergone significant changes. In this paper, 127 County of Henan Province, for the research unit of area, based on statistical analysis to measure qualitative and quantitative description of the inter-county economic differences from 1992 to 2002, the analysis of the inter-county economic differences in the pattern of characteristics to explore the county County Level Economic Disparities Economic Disparities temporal dynamics characteristics, to predict the next stage of development and per capita GDP value in 2002 to discuss the growth rate of per capita GDP and County Level Economic Disparities. The use of geographic information system and regional economic theory, discusses the the County Economic differences in spatial pattern and spatial evolution of structure in GIS spatial analysis and statistical analysis model support, analysis of the County Economic differences pattern and its changes graphical feature. With SPSS statistical analysis software, have been classified on the type of the level of economic development of the 127 counties in Henan Province, and the type of economic growth. County Economic differences change mechanism is based on preliminary research, the analysis of the impact factor of the County Economic differences change. Study above, we get the following results: In the ten years from 1992 to 2002, the absolute difference between the County continues to expand, the relative difference is shrinking; relative differences in economic growth rate, the speed of the significant impact they showed a positive correlation. The spatial pattern of inter-county economic differences are relatively stable, relatively balanced distribution. County number that is lower than the provincial average significantly more than the county number higher than the provincial average; higher level of economic development COUNTY mainly distributed in the north of Longhai line and the area west of the Beijing-Guangzhou line; compared to the level of economic development low county focus on in the eastern and southern areas; cities and counties located in the transportation hub and transportation routes, a higher level of economic development; relative along county, the lower level of economic development of the border county; economic development of the prefecture-level city with high levels of in other county and municipal domain; economically underdeveloped areas exist within economically developed county. Polarization continues to strengthen, the polarization phenomenon more and more prominent, the County Level Economic Disparities expanding. Regional growth pole polarization effect is obvious that the high level of development of the county along certain laws extending axis basic show economic growth, low-growth county expanded significantly in space. With SPSS statistical analysis software, the type and the type of economic growth on the level of economic development of the 127 counties in Henan Province have been classified, and divided the 16 type of economic growth. And concluded: mechanisms leading to the County Economic differences over the economic growth rate of different, that is, if the developed areas of the economic growth rate is greater than the rate of economic growth of the underdeveloped areas, regional economic disparities will widen the contrary, developed areas of the economy growth rate is less than the economic growth rate of less developed regions, the regional economic disparities will be reduced; same token in the the developed counties internal and underdeveloped counties internal. The major factors affecting regional economic growth rate differences in human capital endowments, tilt the policy side, the the country fixed assets investment, employment rates, the level of consumption of the different industrial structure conversion, scientific and technological innovation, population growth rate, articles, respectively the impact of these factors on the County Economic differences. In the regulation of the County Economic differences of policy recommendations are made on the basis of the above analysis, namely: the first to address the regional differences, great importance to the economic development of efficient, He'nan economic development at the same time insist on giving priority to efficiency, to address the regional economic differences; want to optimize the structure of the regional economic space, we must first cultivate regional growth pole system; Second, we must improve the point axis network system. The third is to government regulation and control, coordinated development, the government is inclined to take a moderate and balanced development policy to promote the Henan Province of sustainable economic development.

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