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Technological Research of IC Anaerobic-Triple Oxidation Ditch for Piggery Wastewater

Author LiuJianGuo
Tutor WangYongHui
School Donghua University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Swine wastewater IC anaerobic Three oxidation ditch Anaerobic Digestion Liquid Model
CLC X712
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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With the development of intensive and mechanized pig industry, environmental pollution brought about by the pig farm has become increasingly serious. Most of swine wastewater using only traditional anaerobic process can not meet the increasingly stringent wastewater discharge requirements. High concentration of organic pollutants for swine wastewater intractable status quo, IC anaerobic - a combination of the three oxidation ditch process route study inspected in three oxidation ditch treatment of piggery wastewater anaerobic digestive process performance and processing results, the main conclusions are as follows: pig farm wastewater entering the first IC anaerobic reactor digested study the IC reactor startup process and IC anaerobic running effect, the experiments show that the IC reactor startup initial volume load than low, HRT is too long is not conducive to the rise of the COD removal efficiency; the IC reactor on different concentrations of swine wastewater in the hydraulic retention time is shorter (HRT = 5.4h, 7.6h, 9.4h) the case has to In addition to the effect of, COD removal rate stable at 80.85% to 90.2%; temperature above 16 ℃ IC reactor running COD removal efficiency of 80% or more. The swine wastewater IC anaerobic digestive longer into three oxidation ditch aerobic treatment. Three oxidation ditch in two modes (the nitrification mode and nitrification - denitrification mode) are compared, the results showed that the effluent organic matter, suspended solids removal efficiency point of view, the two modes is less, and nitrification - denitrification mode denitrification, phosphorus removal, and power consumption is significantly better than the nitrification mode. The effects of temperature, hydraulic retention time (organic load), carbon and nitrogen than run effect of nitrification - denitrification mode, results showed that the COD and TN removal rates are subject to temperature, especially in the TN removal rate greater; affected the three the oxidation ditch handling IC anaerobic digestive HRT 18h; number of carbon source and carbon source quality level of an important factor in determining denitrification effect. Denitrification run, and nitrification run the operation cycle time than the t DN / the t N is a balanced treatment system denitrification, nitrification ability parameters, respectively, compared t DN / t N run effect for of 0.17,0.27,0.40,0.56 four different combinations (run cycles are 8h), the results show that when the nitrification denitrification potential most close t DN / t N 0.4, the denitrification best results. Summarizes the three oxidation ditch cumulative microbial species, and statistics the daily dominant populations as well as microbial characteristics in different conditions change. The ease of operation of measures and proposals to improve nitrogen removal efficiency, improve phosphorus removal effect, control sludge bulking. ASM1 to express the material balance equation for water quality variables, three oxidation ditch dynamic water quality model, the simulation results show that the changes in the water quality variables showed varying degrees of cyclical, particularly prominent peaks mainly due by the sudden change of the boundary conditions, and by comparing the simulation results and measured results, the model has good predictive. Finally, we discuss the IC anaerobic - Three oxidation ditch the Combined Process swine wastewater characteristics, the COD total removal rates of up to 97%, the NH 3 -N removal rate reached 78.6%, the processing In addition to TP, the water can achieve pollutant emission standards for livestock and poultry industry. Combined with practical engineering examples, analysis Compare piggery wastewater compliance governance operating costs, to arrive at the combined process with good effect, the process is simple structures, operation and management costs low, and concludes with a set of swine wastewater compliance governance process - -IC anaerobic - Three oxidation ditch combined process.

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