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Synthesis and Properties of 2,4 - diamino-6 - phenyl-1 ,3,5 - triazine polymer and chelate

Author LiuZhiChao
Tutor SunWeiLin
School Zhejiang University
Course Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Keywords Poly Schiff base Organic and polymer ferromagnet Metal ion complexes
CLC O631
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Along with social progress, the development of science and high-tech applications of magnetic materials continue to put forward higher requirements. Organic or polymer ferromagnetic material has drawn increasing attention of the scientific and technological workers. The organic magnet in the ultra-high frequency device, high density storage with the magneto-optical materials, new microwave absorber, miniaturization in the electronics industry, space power systems, and Astronautical system has a larger application prospects. Compared with inorganic magnetic material, organic or polymer magnetic body structure and diverse, the magnetic properties can be adjusted at the molecular level, another organic magnet density is small, easy processing characteristics and therefore the synthesis of new organic ferromagnet in the magnetic material field has significant significance. Containing 2,2 '- diamino -4,4' - bithiazole (DABT) aryl polyethylene Schiff base of the heterocyclic series, with a metal ion ligand, and to generate a ligand compound. Exploration of the previous studies showed that the metal complexes of this type have good ferromagnetic properties. In order to further explore the high-performance, excellent new organic magnetic materials, rich organic magnetic theory, research structure and magnetic properties of the relationship, and lay a solid foundation for the development of organic magnetic polymer materials, paper systematically outlines the molecular magnets organic polymer magnetic structure and magnetic properties. This work was designed and synthesized nine novel structure aromatic heterocyclic polymers, and preparing the corresponding metal complexes 2, their magnetic properties were measured, the results showed that the alkali metal ions, thiazole-containing aromatic heterocyclic ring poly Schiff complexes, having a soft magnetic properties. The concrete work is as follows: the aromatic heterocyclic synthesis of two new structural poly the West Buddha alkali the (PBTGZ PBTPZ,), and with Fe 2 ion chelation get the Fe 2 complexes, such as FTIR, NMR to determine the structure of the complexes, the magnetic properties of the complexes was measured by the multifunctional material physical measurement system (PPMS: Physical Property Measurement System). Magnetic measurements show that: the PBTGZ-Fe 2 , and PBTPZ-Fe 2 single metal complexes, in the 5K, the saturation magnetization Ms was 2.6 emu / g and 5.4 emu / g, 5K when observed in S-type hysteresis loops, the remanence of 0.011 emu / g and 0.165 emu / g, to that PBTGZ-Fe 2 , and PBTPZ-Fe 2 complexes the organic soft ferromagnetic at low temperatures. Paramagnetic Curie temperature is negative, indicating that the unpaired electron interaction between, was antiferromagnetic.

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