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Application and Research of Isolation Technology in Electric Power Building

Author WenBo
Tutor ZhangJunFaï¼›LiuYunHe
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Isolation technology Substation buildings Laminated rubber bearings Floor response spectrum Temperature stress
CLC TU352.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Currently in the country, the isolation technology mainly used in residential construction and a very small part of the office building. For lifeline electricity buildings, not yet. A large number of earthquake damage examples show that the seismic reliability of the power system should be strengthened, seismic study of the power system has become an important subject of earthquake engineering at home and abroad. Which, as an important part of the power system substation high operational reliability under earthquake has become the key elements in the study. The 110kV to 330kV in the northwest of substation distribution F, the actual engineering background to seismic isolation design. Calculation model proposed spring model and specification of the three-dimensional space, quality model, the isolation layer laminated rubber bearings, the use of large-scale structure of the finite element program SAP2000 and self-developed NBA structure program calculates isolated structure in multi-dimensional ground motion input of nonlinear dynamic time-history response of isolated structure under the effect of changes in the temperature structure of the rod internal forces change through the substation building in traditional seismic effect and isolation under analysis and comparison, draw some useful conclusions. The results showed that: (1) the author of the calculation model and isolation is feasible to analyze; (2) isolation, the structure of the cycle is extended, after the earthquake reduced horizontal displacement is concentrated in the isolation layer, the base shear force, acceleration between layers is significantly reduced, the structure was a flat-type; (3) isolated structures under multi-earthquake role interlaminar shear ratio close to 0.35, according to the relevant provisions of the \Press down once the design; (4) superstructure longitudinal lateral stiffness and the horizontal lateral stiffness is small, therefore, under the longitudinal earthquake isolation is better than horizontal effect; (5) isolation bearings arranged isolation layer should strive to make to just heart coincides with the centroid of the isolated structure, in order to minimize the superstructure seismic torsional effects, to achieve the optimal design goals; (6) floor response spectrum reflects the floor exercise Excellence cycle effectively avoid the predominant period of the ground motion, effectively filter out high-frequency part of the movement of the floor, Xi'an University of Technology master's degree thesis greatly reduces the possibility of electrical equipment and the upper structure of the high-frequency resonance; (7) design electrical equipment placed in the isolated structure, you can not only consider the electrical facilities seismic code provisions should be read in conjunction with the isolated structure to reduce peak spectral acceleration, the cycle extended features, according to the actual situation, a reasonable design; (8) isolation measures can significantly reduce the superstructure due to temperature changes caused by temperature stress.

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