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Research of the Best Effect on Soil and Water Conservation and Environment Build in Mahua Valley of Mu Danjiang City

Author LiuZuo
Tutor GongZhenPing´╝ŤXuJingHua
School Northeast Agricultural University
Course Planting
Keywords Suburban small watershed Soil and Water Conservation Ecological Engineering Optimization model construction
CLC S157
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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In this paper, the suburban small watershed has a direct impact on urban urban water conservation and ecological construction carried out in-depth research. And eastern mountains of Heilongjiang Province Mudanjiang City, for example, by to carry out Dianmianjiehe study, summed up the the suburban the Small Watershed rural small watershed compared with particularity, find out suburban Soil Erosion form features and harm the city, proposed suburban main contents of the small watershed ecological environment construction projects, as well as optimize the structural model design theory. Typical suburban small basin (Heilongjiang Province Mudanjiang the suburb Serratula ditch small watershed), superior multi-objective planning method of Soil and Water Conservation Ecology Engineering Design. According to the natural economy Serratula small watershed characteristics, taking into account the requirements of the particularity of the city of Soil and Water Conservation Ecological Engineering and governance development, to determine the three objective function: first, economic net income of Soil and Water Conservation. Second minimum amount of soil erosion and loss tolerance (not to exceed). Third, soil and water conservation investment minimum. The multi-objective planning a more optimized planning method, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional linear programming goals single, to overcome goal programming method requires that each objective function has expectations of limitations to solve the same time, from a mathematical point of to meet the requirements of multiple targets in the plan. Planning program of multi-objective decision-making method using numerical decision-making method, in contrast supplemented by experience in decision-making method (expert assessment weighting method). Numerical decision-making method is uncertainty in decision-making \value, you can avoid the subjective factors of experience in decision-making method people. Then using a combination of test and production method for the construction of the solid model, Suburban Watershed Ecological Engineering and effectiveness studies completed through information feedback. Model construction, selection and configuration of the soil and water conservation ecological engineering measures proposed ten principles and theories, based on the city need to reflect the difference between ecological projects in suburban Watershed small rural watershed, which makes this project create a pattern more representative, applicability, and application value. Various measures of water and soil conservation rate system according to the provincial water conservation test observations to determine. This study, the test area - Serratula small watershed test after nearly a decade of construction, has made significant ecological, economic, and social benefits. From years of soil erosion intensity 6196t/km ~ 2 reduced 847t/km ~ 2, the water and soil conservation targets were met or exceeded the indicator of the optimized structure model requires. Small watershed annual runoff into the city from 34,700 m to 3 reduced from 06,500 m to the sediment into the city from 02,900 t to 00,400 t; all water conservation measures in force (2002 years) economic income (pure), per capita income, the contrast optimization mode prior to the implementation of (1993), respectively: 194% and 176%.

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