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Liangshan Yi \

Author ZhangJing
Tutor ZhuWenXu
School Central University for Nationalities
Course Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
Keywords Paddy fields , then Voice comparison Language Contact Chinese Loan Words
CLC H217
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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In this paper, the the Liangshan Yi paddy fields then the research object , its description and analysis from the perspective of pronunciation, vocabulary , grammar , respectively . Yi language , Chinese and alpine pretext of medieval tone to identify the paddy field , then voice , vocabulary development and evolution of patterns and trends . Paddy field , then belongs to the Yi language in northern dialects St. bar sub - dialect , Yi and Han Seen in historical conditions contributed to the paddy fields , then the objective external causes . Some of the basic characteristics of the paddy fields , then language influenced by Chinese , showed some type similar . Paddy fields , then the voice characteristics compared with the alpine Yi language , nasal the crown sound , graze tones have disappeared , are embodied : the disappearance of nasal consonants nasalized voiceless nasal ingredients disappear . The consonant voicing opposition gradually disappeared , dullness Thanh Hoa trend . Some vowels by Chinese influence pronunciation change , opposition group . Paddy fields , then the word formation : the dominant tone root word and root compound words constructed on this basis more polyphony Simple Words . In addition , nouns, verbs , adjectives , side-by-side dual tone grid, the four syllables grid Lianmianci rich . Adjectives in a root plus affixes derived word is extremely rich , especially the majority of the most prominent in the number of way : root plus suffix . Paddy fields , then the Chinese by the the word extremely rich , ancient Loanwords and modern can be seen by paddy fields then have reservations about the word speech , also have a corresponding relationship between Chinese the medieval tone and paddy fields , then Chinese by the sound of the words , rhyme , tone . Particular medieval tonal in the paddy field , then the corresponding relationship is extremely complex medieval tonal paddy fields have been lost if the tones should be corresponding laws . The end of Appendix III Appendix IV gives the paddy field , then by word with medieval tone the initials control table and paddy fields , then by word and medieval tone the phonological tone control total table . Grammatical characteristics of the paddy fields , then the overall performance and alpine Yi common features . The syntax units can be divided into five : morphemes, words , phrases , sentences , sentences . The lengthy discourse material collected in the survey \Supplement listed in Appendix I Glossary of paddy fields , then .

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