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On AIDMA Theory in Advertising from Sociolinguistic Perspective

Author SunHaiYan
Tutor XuZhiSuo
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Sociolinguistics AIDMA advertising theory Advertising Language
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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In today's business community, advertising is almost all-pervasive, and thus led to the attention of the main carrier of many linguists advertising - advertising language. The ultimate purpose of advertising is to convince the customer to make a purchase, this purpose determines the style and features of the language, and make it independent of other genres, linguistics within the context of a larger study. In addition, as a product of the development of the social and economic life, the advertising inevitably affected by region, gender, social change, and many other social factors, which highlights its social characteristics. Scholars from the language and rhetoric characteristics, the vagueness of the language and even cultural aspects of advertising language has conducted in-depth research, made a great contribution, however, there are few scholars advertising language interpretation from the point of view of sociolinguistics . Despite Tanaka, K. (Advertising English, 1994) noted that the relationship between advertising and society, but not from a sociological point of this system. In view of this, trying to discern from the perspective of sociolinguistics advertising language. First, the authors stress, as the socio-economic development of the advertising language should not be divorced from social factors. Then simply introduced the famous AIDMA advertising theory (advertising role in the process of advertising audience: attention from surrounding objects, point and focused on specific advertising, triggered advertising audience interest in the ad, and then generate with this product the product of desire and memory, and finally encourage consumers to take action to buy the advertising products). The help of William Bright (1964) interpretation of sociolinguistics (social linguistics is the scientific study of language and social relations, the task is the description language and social structure covariant, in short, is the study of language and social factors interaction), the authors pointed out that research from the perspective of sociolinguistics advertising language is conducive to promoting advertising and social linguist \On this basis, the paper first analysis of advertising language from the language variants, including the language field, tenor, style. Advertising language determines its special purpose language field and language style; tenor reflects the relationship between the advertising people and potential consumers of goods. Then, the paper analyzes the advertising language variation due to differences in geographical, gender, and social reality. Laid a theoretical basis, the article attempts from Sociolinguistic Perspective explore the feasibility of the implementation of AIDMA advertising theory, proposed creating intimacy atmosphere to attract attention; pun or metaphor maintain interest; meet consumers' psychological needs in order to stimulate the desire to buy; colloquial language or repeated to enhance memory and other methods. Try this article from the perspective of sociolinguistics analysis of advertising language and try to achieve the feasibility of AIDMA advertising theory explored from the perspective of sociolinguistics, hopes to play a positive role to enrich and strengthen research in sociolinguistics, and The advertising language study seek a new entry point.

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