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A Stylistic-oriented Study on Translation of Speech and Thought Presentation in English Novels

Author YangBin
Tutor SunZhiLi
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Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Literary Stylistics Fiction Discourse Quotation form Free indirect discourse Free direct speech Thematic significance Illusion equivalents Stylistic Function Narrative distance Aesthetic effect
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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The figures cited language is an important part of the novel. In the third volume of Plato's \quoted the words of the characters. This is roughly equivalent to the later of the points of direct speech and indirect speech. Of visible figures quotations origins in literary theory. The words and ideas of the character has always been to get the attention of the many writers, used to shape the characters and move the plot development. In modern literature, the different modes of expression of the character discourse is a unique art form of the novel. In the novel, the character's discourse relayed by the narrator in another time and space to the readers. To narrator or exactly quoting figures rhetoric or summary of the content relayed figures discourse, or quotation marks, or omit the quotation marks, or in front of the figures discourse plus the quoted sentence, or omit the quoted sentence, and so on. This character language \In this paper, from the perspective of literary stylistics Fiction Quotations translation research. As an important branch of the Stylistics, using the theories and methods of modern linguistics, literary stylistics focuses on how the author through the choice of the language features to express and strengthen the thematic significance and aesthetic effects. The characteristics of the literary works of aesthetic or poetic function, thus literary translation is not only emphasized translating the original content, and more emphasis on the value to convey the original forms of literary language. The literary stylistics applied to novel translation studies can help translators better grasp of the language in the novel ingredients, especially the aesthetic function of language forms and stylistic value, prompting the translator in practice to focus on a variety of stylistic means, pay attention to the form and content of interaction between use stylistic language equivalent ingredient to keep the theme of the original meaning and aesthetic value. Expression portrayed the discourse of used to adjust the description of intervention and narrative distance, an important tool to control the emotional tone. Different expressions for the same figure discourse, such as direct speech, indirect speech, free indirect discourse, etc., will produce a different stylistic features, to reach the different themes significance and aesthetic effect. It can be said that the relationship between the expression of the figures discourse with figures discourse is the relationship between form and content. In order to accurately complete to convey thematic significance of the characters in the novel primitive quotation and aesthetic effect, from the perspective of literary stylistics of fiction quotations translated as a study is clearly necessary. Detailed theoretical study of English novels quotation rich. The Kena 1 to Ann Banfield then Monika Fludemik, scholars from all angles narratology, linguistics quotation different views from ShlomithRin fly nlon. Definition Leec tree Short, the quotations in the English novel in the form described by the different levels of intervention and narrative distances, divided into five types: narrative of speech acts, indirect speech, free indirect language, direct speech and free direct speech. The speech act narrative narrative intervention heaviest narrative farthest; free direct speech narrative intervention lightest, described from the nearest. Different language in the form of the types of these quotations reflect different stylistic features the aesthetic value and themes significance of: speech acts described in the body to exercise the greatest intervention of the narrator, and greatly widened narrative distance; indirect speech can take varying degrees with figures discourse distinctive form of narrative intervention, it makes the discourse seems to be rather dark, and bring out the direct discourse; free indirect discourse can effectively express satirical beam \emotion, but also increase the semantic density; direct quotation direct and vivid mold personality through the character of a particular discourse, with a chapeau and quotes it often produces sound; free direct speech so that readers without any preparation the case of direct contact with the original words of the characters, the narrative flow more smoothly, while free direct language best suited for the expression of character subconscious mental activity. In character quotations translation studies, this paper introduces the concept of \(Shen Dan, 2002:11) translation of the novel, the translator often will build on the \literary significance, will be whether to pass the same content as the equivalents of the standard, so Zhu to cause illusion equivalents. Expressed content, in order to avoid the illusion equivalents formal aesthetic equivalent effect, the translator should grasp the organic links of the form and meaning of the original language, to take the appropriate translation strategies, focusing on the function or the same expression, with the same or a different language means the target language with the original of the same stylistic effect, that \To do well portrayed the quotation translation, the translator must obviously have the ability to: First, its different themes associated with the significance and aesthetic effect pointer distinguish between the various quotations class of the original and the translation between the form of the difference, the original target language Zhu cited seek to establish general and specific ability to Speech and between categories; grasp in the original the two literary expression of the target language tradition, portrayed the quotation unique speech variants the form, including the social variants and geographical variant stylistic speech function, that is, its contact with the character, identity and thematic significance between establish general and specific correspondence between two literary corresponding personal verbal variant capacity. These two aspects are indispensable if the translator is lacking in any one of which would lead to the illusion of quotations translation equivalents. In order to overcome the illusion equivalents, the implementation of the \Chinese find its corresponding language in the form of quotations and replace. Speech acts described in the translation between the body and indirect speech, free indirect discourse and the narrator discourse, free indirect discourse and \

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