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Study of Algorithms in Deinterleaving and Tracking Radar Signals with Pulse Repetition Intervals

Author ZhaoChangHong
Tutor ZhaoGuoQing
School Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Circuits and Systems
Keywords Pulse repetition frequency Pulse repetition interval Sorting Arrival time
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Using the pulse repetition interval or pulse repetition frequency will be intertwined radar pulse row selected open to an important problem in the field of electronic countermeasures . Existing weight frequency cumulative the difference histogram Act (CDIF) and the sequence difference histogram method ( SDIF) sorting algorithm . With the increasing complexity of signal environment , these algorithms can not meet the actual needs . View of this situation , this paper proposed the following improvements heavy frequency sorting algorithm : (1) a heavy frequency sorting algorithm , the algorithm uses the arithmetic sequence detection varies identify pulse train for staggered PRI Ideal varies radar pulse column sorting , but confined to the mixed model Resnick ; ( 2 ) weight frequency dynamic linear model based sorting algorithm is very suitable for the amount of jitter for jitter PRI pulse train situation. The lack of the algorithm is very important to select the initial state and the amount of computation ; ( 3) of PRF weight frequency sorting algorithm based on a dynamic linear model ; (4 ) wavelet theory is applied to the frequency of re- sorting , proposed a new detection threshold applicable to the uneven distribution of the signal pulse train environment . This article also take advantage of the FPGA the weight frequency tracking circuit design , the delayed coincidence method presents a new realization of the program , without the determination of the first pulse , making real-time tracking becomes possible .

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