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Deepening judicial reform to promote the rule of law

Author ZhouYuFeng
Tutor ZouXueRong
School Southwest China Normal
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Judicial reform The judiciary Justice Reform Promote political reform Four Cardinal Principles Strengthening judicial Strict law enforcement China's socialist market economy. Fundamental work Class struggle as the key link
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Report to the 15th Comrade Jiang Zemin pointed out: \and improve the socialist legal system, rule of law and building a socialist country ruled by law. \In the whole of society must guarantee fairness and justice. justice and strict law enforcement in accordance with the requirements of sound judicial institutional settings, the delineation of authority and management systems, to further improve the power and responsibility, mutual coordination and restraint, and efficient operation of the judicial system. institutionally ensure that judicial and procuratorial organs to exercise independent and impartial judicial and procuratorial. \justice, judicial reform is to strengthen the legal construction of major initiatives is the development of China's socialist market economy, the protection of health, but also the development of the situation our country to adapt to WTO requirements. Judicial reform is meant to include the courts, prosecutors, and judicial functions of the public security organs respective institutional reforms. Judicial reform is the core of the Judiciary and the coordination of external agencies, human, financial arrangements and the protection of judicial independence to set the establishment of mechanisms. Judicial reform should rise to economic reform, political reform equal footing with economic and political reform as fundamental as the overall work carried out. China's current judicial system is in politics to pursue \authorities and other state organs or tissues relations, the judiciary in the human, financial, material and other areas subject to other state organs and organizations, in particular because of the local judiciary subject to local government, local authorities and local party committees, which led to the localization of jurisdiction; (two) from the judiciary for the mechanism of restraint and supervision point of view, on the one hand due to the lack of specific rules so that according to the 15th CPC National Congress proposed the \should consider the following aspects: First, judicial reform goal is to further enhance the independence of the judiciary; Second, judicial reform should be emphasized that the judicial authority; Thirdly, it should strengthen the unity of justice; Fourth, improve the trial methods and procedures; Fifth, the establishment of the legal profession specialization system, efforts to improve the quality of judges as a whole. In view of the current problems in the judicial system, the reform of the judicial system in the specific measures should also be around the following aspects: (a) to reform the current personnel, finance and leadership system in the country to establish a unified and independent judicial system to ensure that judicial and national unity of the legal system; (two) reform oversight mechanism, strengthen judicial supervision, ensure justice; (three) within the judiciary reform the management system and work procedures; (four) establish misjudgments accountability system. Finally, there is a problem and make corrections must be made, that is our judicial reform offside problem. The rule of law has just started today, strict enforcement of the law than any artificially outside the law to engage in so-called \go to the opposite. Only strict enforcement of the judiciary, in order to make people truly create reasonable expectations for the law, the law will be affected by people's beliefs, otherwise, the law will be strictly enforced, and the authority of law will also suffer a fatal blow, then, the construction of the rule of law has only slogans significance.

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