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Business growth and technological innovation along the track of development theory

Author RanZuoZuo
Tutor ZhangKuanHai
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course Technology Economics and Management
Keywords Technology Innovation Technology Track Clusters Transfer withdrawal Techniques to identify Selection Policy
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Currently, the surging tide of economic globalization, the enterprise has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In today's fierce market competition behind it, is more intense competition in innovation. Technological innovation as the core of modern enterprise innovation system is one of the development of enterprises to provide an inexhaustible power. Technological innovation capability reflects the strength of the level of competition as well as technological level of overall competitiveness. In the context of global competition, technological innovation capability of an enterprise behind, which means the loss of competitiveness in the market, being eliminated in the competition implies the inevitable. Can be said that technological innovation is the enterprise survival and development of the guarantee is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development, is an important source of international competitiveness. Companies in the market competition, the surface is the end product and service competition, in fact, fierce competition in the market behind it, is more intense technological competition, innovation competition. Therefore, the technical innovation is the enterprise survival and development of assurance is an important source of national competitiveness in a market economy and an increasingly integrated global economy situation, companies must constantly carry out technical innovation, in order to win a place in the international market . However, China's enterprises in the implementation of technological innovation in the process, also exposed many problems. Into the 1990s, although the technological innovation activities of Chinese enterprises have made great progress, but has not yet made substantial breakthroughs. While China's technological innovation and technological progress in economic growth has been a substantial increase in the contribution rate, but with the international advanced level, China's technological progress to economic growth rate is significantly lower, and because the industry's technological progress and innovation has not begun leading role in the transformation of economic growth mode slow pace of economic growth, the lack of a strong stamina. Of course, one of the reasons are varied, but few people noticed industry technical track on the role of technological innovation activities, there is no emphasis on technical possibilities and market demand for the role of technology choice, not been able to properly select technological innovation forward track, so you can not correctly judge the prospects of new technologies. Main content and opinions: Since the 1980s, people began to notice the fact, from long-term trend, technological innovation is continuity, derivative and scalability. In certain industries, as long as an enterprise launched an innovation, there will be the same number of areas of innovation have emerged; just lt; WP = 4 gt; has introduced an innovation of an enterprise, then how will a similar enterprise innovation. One important reason is that these companies find and seize business innovation industry track. In this paper, the track is through the analysis of the characteristics industry technology, high-tech enterprises demonstrated the necessity of innovation along the technological trajectory and further proposed orbit prediction and identification of new technologies and high-tech enterprise strategy how to enter new technology track strategy. This article discusses the concept of technological innovation - technological innovation and enterprise development relationship - technological innovation orbital theory - how to choose business growth track (several operating principles) - China's growing high-tech enterprises expand this line of thought, especially Detailed analysis and discusses the technical track formation, extension and withdrawal and transfer of enterprises corresponding countermeasures. Explore technical options of the general principles for the enterprises, especially high-tech companies to identify and track along the edge technological development strategy of a more detailed discussion of the formation of a more complete paper system. The article is divided into four chapters, three parts. The first two chapters of the first part introduces the basic knowledge and technological innovation status of technological innovation, characteristics and problems. The first chapter is a discussion of the concept of technological innovation. Starting from the meaning of technological innovation, technological innovation and analyzes related to several important issues. The concept of technological innovation, features and with relevant links and differences between the concepts are described in detail, and analyzes the significance of technological innovation concepts discussed. The second chapter discusses the technical innovation and business growth relationship, as well as the status of technology innovation and development. Section I first discussed the source of business growth issues, indicating the importance of technological innovation, technological innovation and then discusses the relationship between the development of enterprises, section II analyzes the era of technological innovation value, indicating that in the current economic environment , companies need to carry out technological innovation. Section 3 describes and summarizes the contemporary technological innovation several new features, the fourth quarter is our present situation and development of technological innovation. Respectively, from the theoretical results of technological innovation, technological innovation status quo of contemporary technological innovation new features were analyzed, indicating that technological innovation of Chinese enterprises are now surviving in a certain inefficiencies and achievements into the problem of insufficient and thus leads to a technical track issues that we have not yet pay attention to the technological trajectory of technological innovation route selection. The second part includes Chapters III and IV, Chapter 3 presents the theory of the technology track. First introduced the concept of technological trajectory, supplemented by examples of how a certain extent, in a lt; WP = 5 gt; timed period, tend to be dominated by a technical track some enterprises technological innovation. That is, the peer companies always follow certain technical track, without departing from the established track. Then, by analyzing the technological trajectory formation mechanism, and then explores the determinants of technological trajectory extending Finally, due to a specific industry, technology track is not static, the core technology innovation along rails fact does not mean that enterprises should follow a technical tracks go in the end. If businesses are increasingly felt in the original technical track has not much room for innovation, then it should try to find a more promising technology track. Therefore, technology transfer orbit withdrawal will occur, the article describes the technology transfer orbit factor withdrawal, then explain the new technological enterprise track along the need for innovation. Chapter IV is a contemporary technological innovation Choice of the track. This is the thesis of the important and difficult. First is the choice of enterprises to enter the technical track. Discusses the high-tech enterprises, respectively, track selection principles of technology and identification strategies. Section II is a high-tech enterprise technology track into strategy. Proposed high-tech enterprises in different stages of the decision-making principles into the technical track and the corresponding strategy, pointing out that the industry's technology extends the track is the common wish of peer companies, and through the \strategy. Section III combines technology cluster concept, the contemporary technological innovation a road,

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