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Western Guizhou mixed area of rural development issues in the modern Perspective

Author LiuYong
Tutor LiuJiChang
School Guizhou University for Nationalities
Course Ethnology
Keywords Western Guizhou Mixed area Countryside Development Modernization
CLC D422.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Mixed area of ??western Guizhou, in rural areas the proportion is too large, the economic and social underdevelopment, ecological foundation, historical the Inhabited district nationalities foundation, basis in reality, and the development of constraints and dynamic factors similarity. Select the area to study is based on the real problem and difficult to explore. Mixed area of ??development is the development of a multi-ethnic, ethnic factors and development factors to be considered together. These areas are the focus area in the field of view of the national co-ordinating multi-ethnic interaction and the importance of a balanced development. Whether it is based on a global perspective, or from the nature of socialism and the mixed area of ??self-development demands of view, the development of the residents of the district have a history Ought. Case studies based on of Guizhou Province Liuzhi Zhai Xiang Lu Hom from comprehensive theoretical vision, spy the ecological environmental characteristics of the mixed area of ??western Guizhou and social relations characteristics, and from the perspective of economic development and social development, and development status investigation and analysis, the circumstances of the case Lu Hom Village Kuikan common problem in western Guizhou mixed area of ??rural development, such as the constraints of the natural environment, exist an insurmountable limitations of the ecological environment, the historical foundation is weak, the primitive accumulation of physical capital is not enough, the government acts absence of institutional constraints, lack of human resources. Corresponding countermeasures that should exploit the comparative advantages, make full use of the limited resources of the local rural capital, efforts to develop both internal and external markets, the transformation of government functions, improve the government's ability to guide the development, strengthen education and training to improve the farmers to develop the basic economic and social factors can play an active mixed area body diversity advantage to seek cultural force, and take the road of multi-national (ethnic) symbiotic complementary. The same time, the economic and social development, will inevitably lead to changes in social life, and thus it will lead to problems of cultural adaptation. In fact, the dynamic process of changes \On the timing of the continuation of the traditional and the modern, mean both traditional degree endure in turn means that the traditional replacement update, so we can do is to seek a balance of modern and traditional knowledge in the hold on the fine cultural traditions at the same time, self-realization \In short, western Guizhou mixed area of ??rural development should be contingent nature of history, but more development constraints, the development of all the confusion still exists, and how the cultural changes brought about by the development of adaptation is also of concern. At the same time, as the post-development areas, the latecomer effect \Faced with such advantages and disadvantages in the modern vision, how to achieve leapfrog development, especially in rural modernization \

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