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The Stabilization Mechanism and Experimental Study of the SPP Liquid Stabilizer Based on Soil Mini-structure

Author OuOu
Tutor ZhangXinGui;WuHeng
School Guangxi University
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords soil structure soil mini-structure SPP liquid stabilizer Conaid soil stabilizer soil reinforce reinforce mechanism soil e ngineering property test
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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With the development of economics , the increase of infrastructure investment and the surge of different kinds of civil engineering project, many geotechnical problems , such as soft ground and poor foundation, are encountered. The extreme method , such as by changing the fillers, using the rigid rcinforcers in addition or mixing cementatory content ,which use overmuch energy. manpower& material resources and engineering expenses, and arc prone to influence the nature condition and pollution of the environment, is applied to meet the need of construction.The soil structure is the basic intrinsic factor which determines its engineering properties, especially in deformation and strength. Soil mechanics characters can be altered by means of the soil mini-structure’s reconstruction so that its reinforce can be achieved. The stabilization which is applied on filling in highway and water power engineering can treat with and reinforce soil . It’s the mechanism that it can reconstruct the soil mini-structure by ways of firstly, chemistry treatment which reacts with water in soil and produce cementatory content or alter the electric-double- layer of clay particle so that increase the cohesion among the particles, subsequently, physical compaction. After the stabilization , the soil engineering properties can be improved .Soil mini-structure can be defined as: the relative position, array character, contact state, links, cementing substance & their state, the size and shape of void among soil particles or their polymers. It’s the research object of soil mini-structure that the effect and intrinsic reason occurred among soil particles or their polymers. The reinforce mechanism of SPP (Sulphonated Petroleum Products) liquid stabilizer is researched and the method on which soil could be reinforced on the platform of soil mini-structure by making the most of soil inhere component was discussed. It’s investigated by the tests of CEC.XRD and SEM that the SPP’s effect on the surface chemistry and electrochemistry characteristic and soil mini-structure. The test results reveal that the thickness of electric double layer is thinning down, the intergranular link strengthen, whereafter the relative position among soil particles or their polymers approach and the array is dense. It’s confirmed again that it’s the platform and main site that the mini-structure.It’s selected for laboratory test for reviewing the macro effect after reconstructing the soil mini-structure by stabilizer that a kind of SPP liquid stabilizer and four common soil (clay, expansive soil, high liquid limit clay and silty clay) in Guangxi. Two factors , i.e. addition agent dosage and curing time, is considered in this test. It’s discovered that the soil engineering properties improve in different extent. It depend on soil nature andaddition agent dosage but isn’t definitude with curing time in determinate water content, dry density and curing condition that the improve effect. The swell-shrinking property of expansive soil and high liquid limit clay improve more or less.It’s experimentalized that laboratory simulate test according with operating mock and environment. It’s confirmed that the strength and water stability of the stabilized soil improve more than that without treated by stabilizer, further more, the former’s strength increase more with time lapse.Finally, for a engineering example, it’s investigated on time that the bending-depth of the SPP treatment road and bank gravel road ,as a result, the former achieved more load-bearing capacity and stability. It’s compared that the technical economy of subgrade construction between SPP stabilizer treatment road and untreatment one.

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