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Miyun Reservoir upstream land use on surface water non- point source pollution

Author WangZhaoZheng
Tutor WangXiaoYan
School Capital Normal University
Course Physical Geography
Keywords Non - point source pollution Miyun Reservoir Land use Small Watershed
CLC X524
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Miyun Reservoir is the major surface drinking water sources in Beijing, has important significance for the production and life of the people of the capital. Currently in a moderate degree of eutrophication, non-point source water quality is a major source of pollution, land use, the main factor is the impact of non-point sources. Non-point source pollution affect the factor space differences, traditional methods of these factors is difficult to obtain data and GIS technology can generate good organization, and management of spatial data, the larger big shortened compared with the traditional method, time saving manpower. This paper uses GIS means to establish a library of basic spatial information of the study area non-point source pollution, including land use, soil type, DEM and watershed maps. The application of DEM watershed characterization, surface water quality monitoring and analysis of small watershed data, analysis of the spatial and temporal characteristics of the watershed pollutants in water and land use patterns on surface water quality. First space based on topography, geomorphology divided into three regions: the northwest low in mountainous, northern hilly areas and low in the northeast mountain. Higher content of surface water in the reservoir in the north and northeast, total phosphorus content of surface water in the reservoir northwest; regardless of the rain after the rain, NO 3 -N nitrogen in the water environment mainly exist in the form therefore NO 3 -N and TN spatial and temporal distribution is very similar to The the rain three regions in surface water TN NO 3 -N content higher rain late northeast surface water TN in the northern region, NO 3 -N content was significantly greater than the northwest; rainy season NH 4 -N in the surface water content of the three regions roughly rain Northwest Ministry of surface water were significantly lower than in the north and northeast of the surface water content. From the time of distribution, in addition to the TP greater than the rain of rain late in the northern region, other pollutants indicators are rain period is greater than the rain late to prove that the rainfall for the immediate effects of non-point source pollution. Compared to the rainy season with rain rainfall concentrated, frequent human activities, the impact of non-point source pollution. Single land use type-based land-use structure, woodland, grassland has weakened, inhibiting the role of non-point source pollution control non-point source pollution, including woodland found through the analysis of the relationship between land use and non-point source pollutant indicators: the object of the most obvious effect, lawn, followed by; combination type of land use structure of the woodland, grassland, woodland - grassland structure type control small watershed pollutant index lower. Woodland, grassland combination with arable land use structure type, structure type of grass - farmland mainly small watershed pollutant control summary marked lower than woodland cropland main indicators of small watershed control structure type . Land use impact of non-point source pollution of surface water, is not only reflected in the proportion of the various types of land use types, is also reflected in the spatial distribution of the various land use, especially when less structure type, land use of space distribution for non-point source pollution will be significantly reflected.

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