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Coagulation assay oily wastewater treatment technology research

Author LinZhongSheng
Tutor ZhouJiTi
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Oily wastewater The CAX composite coagulant Coagulation and adsorption
CLC X741
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Oily wastewater is a common industrial wastewater. With the rapid development of the national economy, oil exploration, petroleum processing, machining and many other industries is also increasing the amount of oily wastewater. And oily wastewater harm caused to the environment growing and serious threat to the flora and fauna, and even human life and health. The status of governance in accordance with the domestic and foreign oily wastewater and oily waste water of its own nature, developed a the CAX composite coagulant, coagulation assay oily wastewater treatment technology. Fly ash, flue ash and other industrial waste and a small amount of industrial aluminum sulfate preparation of the CAX composite coagulant. Fly ash and flue dust itself has a good adsorption, settling characteristics, CAX composite coagulant in the treatment of oily wastewater showed great superiority, the formation of alum coagulation reaction tablets, easy settlement the formation of sludge water containing less oil removal rate reached 99%, the COD removal rate reached more than 80%. Laboratory experiments summarized CAX composite coagulant optimal reaction conditions: pH range of 6 to 9; optimum temperature at 15 ° C to 55 ° C; optimum reaction time of 4 to 8min; optimal dosing 0.5g / L. According to the characteristics of the CAX composite coagulant, developed a set of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, mud, water as one of the coagulation reaction device greatly reduces the footprint of the device. Laboratory experiments were small simulation experiments, after coagulation treatment increased the adsorption filter device. Experimental results show that the oil removal rate reached 99%, more than 80% removal rate of COD, color, heavy metals, ammonia and other good removal effect. To further verify the feasibility of the technology in Liaohe Oilfield 2.5m 3 / h wastewater pilot experiment. Taking into account the recycling of waste oil and mitigate the follow-up to deal with stress factors, an increase of coarse-grained pretreatment unit before the coagulation reaction. Equipment package covers an area of ??only 10m ~~ about In addition to the raw water pump to enhance the rest of the process are gravity, so significant savings in floor space and energy consumption. Pilot experimental results show that the technology of oily waste water has an excellent quality of treated water can reach the national emission standards and oilfield boiler with unboiled water quality standards. Therefore, the technology oily wastewater treatment not only is entirely feasible, but also has other technology can not match advantage, will also have broad market prospect.

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