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A Study on Environmental Quality Assessment in Taohuajiang Scenic Spot

Author LvHuanZhe
Tutor WuFuCheng
School Hunan Normal University
Course Physical Geography
Keywords Taohuajiang Tourism Zone Environmental quality assessment Suggestions
CLC X821
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Tourist area environment is a special environment. The tourism environment is not only the carrier of the tourism resources, but also itself is also an important tourism resources, tourism resources development to promote the improvement of the environmental quality of the tourist area at the same time, inevitably generated tourist area environmental destruction and pollution, it is the tourist area environmental quality evaluation and planning is particularly important. Based Taojiang overall tourism development planning issues, tourism, environmental planning sub-topics. One of the purposes of the evaluation of environmental quality through the tourist area, especially the quality assessment of the geological environment of the tourism area, to provide a scientific basis for Taohuajiang beauty tourist resort site. Taojiang seven main tourist area survey that \Institute isotope chemistry Research Center laboratory analysis of trace elements using ICP-MS plasma spectrometer. Geological environmental assessment is divided into three steps, the first step in the evaluation of the single-element, take the essential elements such as: Cu, Zn, Se, Mn and harmful elements such as Pb, Cd, Hg, As, etc.. Parabolic evaluation method for the essential elements of the index is positive; harmful elements using the S-shaped curve evaluation method, the index is negative, come to the essential elements of the content above ambient background values ??of harmful elements content is lower than the environmental background values. The second step to a single factor evaluation, Peach Lake and shame the two regions separately, each as a whole, the rock, soil and groundwater as an important element in the environment as a whole, using the mean value index to evaluate the quality of geological environment, The results show that the the Peach Lake shame Mountain both geological conditions. The third step for a comprehensive evaluation of the geological environment, on the overall quality assessment of the geological environment of the two regions, using the weighted additive index, shame Hill index 1.213, Peach Lake to 1.139, the results show that the geological environment of shame mountainous slightly better peach Lake District. Exponential method in the evaluation of the ecological environment, atmospheric environment, select SO 2 , NO X , TSP three factors to evaluate, take the the contaminants highest pollution index The results show that: atmospheric environmental quality index, SO 2 highest pollution index in the three indices, but the overall pollution index is still in grade Ⅰ standards. Take the ratio method of surface water, select commonly used indicators of pH, non-Ion ammonia, arsenic, hexavalent chromium and cadmium 13, come in addition to E. coli, the rest of the indicators have reached the national II level standard of the surface water, the acoustic environment achieve national environmental quality requirements of the tourist area, and the rich biological resources, biodiversity is good, so good Taohuajiang tourism area's ecological environment quality. Combined with the geological environment and the ecological environment, to consider human factors, \Tourism projects carried out on the basis of evaluation of the state of the environment, for a list of the pollutant emissions of the various tourist and function of the overall tourism impact, environmental impact assessment, the results show that due to the function of the positioning of the various tourist , so the impact is not the same. Shame Hill tourist area pollutant emissions up, followed by the Peach Lake tourist area, and the functional orientation of these two tourist areas is consistent. Overall function is the Wu Ma Lake, Fuqiu Hill and Taojiang town three tourist areas. This conduct cause analysis and proposed environmental protection countermeasures, and to ensure the sustainable use of tourism resources and the sustainable development of the regional economy.

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