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Synthesis, Characterization and Properties Research of Conducting Polyaniline Containing Transition Metal Ions

Author ChenChunYan
Tutor YangChunMing
School Hunan Normal University
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords Polyaniline Transition metal ions Synthesis Characterization Chain structure
CLC O631
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Features traditional proton acid doped polyaniline conductive polyaniline containing transition metal ions , this article uses the oxidation of transition metal complexes have been successfully synthesized conductive polyaniline containing transition metal ions , using infrared , ultraviolet and the elemental analysis of the products were characterized by their conductive properties and thermal stability properties . The main contents are as follows : 1 . The eigenstates synthesized polyaniline and polyaniline hydrochloride, to study its FT-IR spectrum , UV / VIS electronic absorption spectral properties, to observe the surface morphology and the X - ray diffraction patterns , and to examine their thermal stability in air , electrochemical properties , and solubility properties in common organic solvent , provided the basic data for the subsequent research . 2. By UV / Vis spectroscopy detailed research in organic solvents of different transition metal ions Cu 2 the the Fe 3 < / sup> Co 2 , Ni , the interaction between the 2 polyaniline molecular chain to find the law of their interactions , to confirm stronger coordination between the transition metal ions with polyaniline molecular chain / doping interaction . 3. Use of the oxidation of aniline with the transition metal complexes in solution method Synthesis of a transition metal-containing ion conductive polyaniline , and Cu 2 , for example detailed examination of the synthesis conditions ( including the reaction medium , the ratio of raw materials , reaction temperature and time ) on the the synthetic product yield and conductivity , to obtain the optimal synthesis conditions , and to study the infrared spectrum corresponding variation in their process , at the same time observing the morphology, X -ray diffraction pattern of synthetic products and compare eigenstates and polyaniline hydrochloride . Elemental analysis showed that the transition metal ions have been successfully incorporated in the polyaniline molecular chain . 4. Study synthesized product in nitrogen and air thermal decomposition process of weightlessness , compared with the eigenstates and polyaniline hydrochloride , to obtain detailed information of the thermal decomposition process of conducting polyaniline samples containing transition metal ions , the actual material The application provides a theoretical basis . 5. According to the experimental results , the transition metal ion doped polyaniline and to produce electronic conductivity preliminary mechanism .

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