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The Study on the Preparation of Morpholine

Author LiPengWei
Tutor WeiTengYou;LiaoDanKui;TongZhangFa
School Guangxi University
Course Chemical processes
Keywords Morpholine Diethanolamine Diethylene glycol Catalytic Separate
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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With the rapid development of China 's fine chemical industry , morpholine as a fine chemical products, intermediates , rubber chemicals , pharmaceuticals , pesticides , paints , anti-corrosion and other fields widely used , the rising demand, the price is rising . Morpholine production methods diethanolamine (DEA) concentrated acid Cyclodehydration the relief of law and diethylene glycol (DEG) ammonia water cyclization on DEA method of high raw material prices , unstable DEG Act catalyst performance and low activity . Both production methods have the drawback of the process is imperfect , resulting in high production costs , and gradually improve the existing production process , accelerate the morpholine industrial production processes , reduce production costs, to meet the market demand has important significance . First DEA method to produce morpholino process conditions were studied , using single factor experimental program eventually yield the indexes to morpholine , obtained optimum conditions DEA produced morpholine : reaction time 90min, diethanolamine / concentrated sulfuric acid (molar ratio) of 1:1.8, and the reaction temperature was 200 ° C , and under this condition , morpholino yield of 79.3% . But also on the morpholine reaction liquid separation and purification method , and the optimum separation conditions can be obtained : When the 1.5 -fold of the weight of the reaction liquid NaOH (≥ 45%) solution was mixed with the reaction solution for distillation . the best results, fractions morpholine content of 21.55% ; purified liquid water content in accordance with morpholine added to the solid alkali distillation purification , with the increase of the amount of solid caustic soda , morpholine getting better and better purification effect when the concentration of the alkali solution is 80 % , the distillate morpholine content of up to 93.4%. At the same time , and made a morpholine residue processing the initial program . Synthesized OEG France Lynn catalyst , the reaction is carried out in a 1L autoclave , the reaction pressure of 2 ~~ 4MPa , a temperature of 180 200 ° C , the process is mainly investigated the influence on the reaction of the catalyst composition , the use of uniform experimental design , indicators of to you Lynn yield investigated , the experimental results using regression procedures for processing to obtain the optimal composition of the catalyst formulation : 3.99 % T 1 02,6.47 % N 10,24.80 % ZnO of 29.09% Cuo 35.65 ? 203, under this condition , Lynn yield of 18.5%.

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