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The social transition citizen political participation in problem analysis and mode selection

Author GaoYongZe
Tutor HanJianPeng
School CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee Party School
Course Scientific socialism and international communist movement
Keywords the transformation period of society citizen’s political participation question analysis mode selection
CLC D621.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The convocation of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central committee of the CPC is the basic signal that our country enters the transformation period of society. The transformation is that the whole society makes the transition from originally traditional socialist mode to the mode of the socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is a reselection and replacement of the social politics, economy and cultural system and operating mechanism. It causes the enormous changes of the country and social life in order to safeguard and realize the citizen’s own interests. The political participation also demonstrates new contents and characteristics. Basing on this, this article pays great attention on researching the existing problems of citizen’s political participation in the transformation period, the effective mode and the route to realize it.The full text is formed of preface, text and conclusion, these three parts.Preface:Current requirement for researching the citizen’s political participation in transformation period of the Chinese society.The first part of text:Summary of the political participation theory and basic frame of this thesis. It includes three aspects:the connotation, ways and characteristics of the political participation; the development of its theory and practice; the research approaches of this thesis and basic frame.The second part of text:The realistic analysis of the citizen’s political participation in transformation period. This part includes three aspects:Firstly, the transformation period of the Chinese society is the background for the citizen’s political participation. Secondly, the existing problems of the citizen’s political participation in transformation period of the Chinese society; Thirdly, Shows the inner forces and outer restricts of the citizen’s political participation. This article defines the connotation, essential features, the deep changes in different fields that the Chinese society makes the transformation and its double effects. Propose that the subject consciousness is in deficient. Law and system of citizen’s political participation are imperfect. The route of citizen’s political participation is narrow and the form is single. The citizen’s political participation is inharmonious and obstructed and destructed by some civil servants these problems. Analyze the relevant inside and outside influence factors of citizen’s political participation and take the interests and faith are the inner force for the citizen’s political participation. Citizen’s political participation is influenced by the material economic condition, political system environment, traditional culture, and the degree of technological, educational development in the transformation period of society.The third part of text:Making great efforts on constructing harmonious citizen’s political participation in the mode. This part also includes three aspects:The connotation of the harmonious mode; the guideline for constructing the harmonious mode; the approach for achieving the harmonious mode. This part emphasizes on analyzing the connotation and character of the citizen’s political participation in harmonious way as well as insists on the guiding principles of the human-oriented, validity, legalizing, and developing gradually. Propose vigorously developing the educational industry, improve citizen’s political sense and participative ability, speed up the development of society in an all-round way, optimize the social ecological environment, make great efforts to widen citizen’s political participation channel and increase realistic routes such as the effective form for the citizen’s political participation.Conclusion:Introduce the whole cause of the article.This text has the following innovation:First, has probed into the intension of transformation period of the Chinese society and essential feature especially, the breakthrough point is that the Chinese society makes the transition to the influence produced of citizen’s political participation and change that brings. Second, the article regards improving the validity of citizen’s political participation in transformation period of the society as logic starting point and the most basic value standard. Third, this text regards transformation period of society as the era that citizen’s politics is participated in background, have put forward the goal mode which constructs harmonious citizen’s political participation and route to realize.

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