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Design and Analysis on Principal Axis of Single Photoelectric Theodolite on Mouing Truck

Author ShiLei
Tutor ZhangLi
School Jilin University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Photoelectric theodolite Car Ship-borne photoelectric theodolite Low-speed anti-jamming of spindle design
CLC TH761.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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In weapon control system.astronomy prognosticate equipments and laser communication systems, there must be photoelectric theodolite to follow with and take aim at the target.In order to quickly discover and accurately follow target. accurace measuring be sign to increases gradually.The principal axis design that fix on the serve-system in photoelectric theodolite has be perfect, but photoelectric theodolite on the car carries still be not perfectcarry in the principal axis design .This lesson in the theories and practice is proceeded the discussion:(1) theories aspect:a)Carry to the car.The ship carries the principal axis of the servo system in theodolite in electricity in light designs, carrying it is one of the main factors to design inside want to expel that theof move.How at carry the move of flap an is 0. A frequency is a term to descend, insuring the light give or get an electric shock the theodolite in the smaller lmrad in variety in inertial and spatial and absolute position, then the system design a little bit difficult.b)The system adjusts soon scope is 500, but the flat- Out and next limit request a movement in 0.02° s/ ses.( the 0.3 mradses/ s of roughly)As a result, the solution low speed steady is then the system design the second is a little bit difficulty. Therefore, the main characteristics of this system is a high accuracy, breadth to adjust soon scope, high just a restrict for, and system accuracy primarily suffering construction flapping frequency.Therefore, try the exaltation system accuracy and guarantee the low speed steady is the key of this system design.The above characteristics of aiming at wants to realize technique index sign such high and on the trail of with stabilize the accuracy, press <WP=80>the servo system of the error margin principle function only to the light that realizes the high accuracy gives or get an electric shock the servo system in theodolite follows with stabilize.The system stability request is self-contradict with exaltation system accuracy, realizing the high accuracy follow to is limited with stability.To solve this problem, must control project considering moreover.A kind of viable project is just according to the constant principle reunites the control( open, shut wreath control) project.This text is to adopts this method.(2) This lesson proceeded below four aspects study at practice:a)Apply the variety of intelligent an analysis system each parts of parameters to the influence of the system function.The parameter variety affects the big part demand the carefully selected a machine a special measure for, even adopting keeping parameter from changing to the system.The parameter variety affects the small part to the system, then the error margin of the dollar, parts permits the limit can loosen the — the amount.b)Apply the error margin the allotment the theories to proceed the reasonable allotment to the system error margin.The dynamic error margin error margin that cause is decided by with the interference the system designs, but the proper error margin of the dollar, parts can’t then overcome of.Must is analytic according to the intelligent degree as a result the reasonable assigns the error margin.Applying the error margin delivers reasonable solution in theories each parts of error margin problem( for example the electrical engineering dies the area problem)c)How to solve position frequency breath when machine super very much the system of the frequency,how tochoose reasonablely system construction in order to take the breadth problem.d)This text inquiried into how to be flat-out according to the Cape and The Cape acceleration to chooses the contented the electrical engineering that function want.

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