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Landscape Design of Recreational Tourist Hotel in the Context of Localism--With a Care Study of Area of Dujiangyan

Author LiMingRong
Tutor ZhangXianJin
School Southwest Jiaotong University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Regional doctrine Landscape design Recreational tourhotel Place spirit Landscape design mode
CLC TU984.18
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Mainland of China has entered heavy industry era since the end of the 20th century, the urbanization process is obviously accelerated, therefore has brought a large number of chance and challenge: With the development of urbanization, the tourism and leisure industry develop rapidly as new developing trade, set up suburbs or scenic spot travel function of hotel of outer suburbs change certainly too in city accordingly-Travel hotel does not accommodate for user of hotel only again, for meet recreation purpose of them more, so, become the present new subject to the landscape design of the recreational tour hotel.Whether thesis this set out from nature and culture ecological angle, probe into to landscape design’s way of the regional doctrine. The regional doctrine, as a kind of thinking method and philosophy way, is the introspection of the behavior to mankind itself under the backgrounds of the modernism and globalization trend. In landscape design, the regional doctrine embody to deep understanding of relations between people and natural and to with the respecting on an equal basis of nature and human culture, the attitude run through on the whole course of landscape design from overall arranging about place function to that detail design. So do it come to need to set up one landscape design mode that analyse to landscape design way of the regional doctrine.The landscape design mode to set out from place of the view , analytical method of phenomenology and the whole view of structure doctrine as the foundation, and by code of designer / decipher of user course analyse is it confirmed that recreational tour hotel place structure and form . Through analysis of landscape design process mode of recreational tour hotel in Dujiangyan area that regional characteristic is very typical it can be sum up:landscape design way of regional doctrine set up in to specific area of in-depth analysis of key element at first; Secondly , need one whole thinking method of view , place of recreational tour hotel put among specific structure of district investigating, make view of place between the key element and form a kind of rational logic relation with surrounding environment, keep a kind of continuity among newly-built place and natural environment and regional context; Moreover, landscape design mode of regional doctrine purpose their for " the perching and residing of poesy " among the place, place nature and culture phenomenon of view should obtain in place China approval of people of behavior, make people fix and transform through space order and landscape structure of place to one’s own position into a kind of sense of ownership . So , the landscape design of the recreational tour hotel needs to consider information transmission from the environmental clue , make the environmental meaning transmit the user who understand the place through the specific symbol, meanwhile , should offer diversified natural environment and function facility in order to meet the public’s psychological or physiological demand from different cultures in the place.

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