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Innovation in the Administrative System of Water Resources and the Construction of the Water Right System in Our State

Author BiMingShuang
Tutor WangCaiBo
School Jilin University
Course Public Administration
Keywords China's water resources Management system Utilization of water resources Water Resources Management Water Right Transfer Watershed management organizations Management of water rights Watershed management system Water Act Unified management of water resources
CLC F426.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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First, the author analyzed the defects of the existing administrative system of water resources of our state and the causes thereof. Then, he brought forward his ideas on the innovation in the administrative system of water resources from five aspects. At last, he briefly stated the necessity to construct the water right system and the main contents of the water right system. The personal water resource of our state is the 88th in the world, and the state is one of the countries that have limit water resources. For a long time, the state has been in the poor situation of shorting of water resources.Population issue is one of the key causes of shorting of water resources. Presently, there is a population of more than 1.3 billion in the state, while the water resources are limited. With the increase of the population, the pressure of shorting of water resources will be more and more serious. The agriculture of our state has a big demand on water, while the water using methods of industry and agriculture of our state are out of date, which make a great waste in water resources. The water-reusing rate of industry is only 47%. And the agriculture also has a wasteful irrigation. Its utilization rate of water resources is not up to 50%. The state has an excessive exploration on groundwater, which makes lowering of water level and unbalance of groundwater ecology. The big-scale improper exploration and utilization of the groundwater lowered the water level of ground water. Presently, there have been 56 regional funnels of groundwater in the state. A river basin administrative system is adopted in the state water resource management of our state, which implements a comprehensive management including the united management, the level-to-level administration and the management of different departments, focusing on the united management and being assisted with the level-to-level administration and the management of different departments. However, in practice, the management of water resources is divided by the state, different regions, and different departments. They each do things in their own way. The institutions of each river basin have neither enough approbatory legal positions nor relative adequate functional authority, which makes them not able to implement their due functions in river basin management. At present, the management of water resources of the state has still been separated without a united and authoritative system. Many shortcomings have been exposed during the long implementation of them, including: it is difficult to be united in management; it is difficult to regulate in policies; without a definite integrate system between the water resources utilization and the water pollution treatment, it is difficult to implement the rule of paying equal attention to both the water quantity and the water quality. The <WP=32>self-governments in different regions and the discords in different departments make an unbalance of water resources protection in river basins, which at last lead a more and more drastic crisis on water resources in the whole state. Innovation on the management system of water resources includes the following several aspects:Complete the legal system in water resources management. Based on the practices of implementing the existing Water Law, according to the requirements of the socialist market economy system and the legal administration, edit the Water Law; make the management system of water resources smooth; enhance the proper development of water resources; utilize water resources efficiently; optimize the disposition; practise economy completely; protect and treat the water resources effectively and comprehensively; perfect the law execution and inspection system; enhance the legal obligations; ensure and improve the continuous utilization of water resources by various scientific and feasible legal systems. In addition, enact an authoritative and united River Basin Law for water resources management and a Water Right Law compatible with the situations of our

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