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Wuthering Heights: Emily Bront(?)’s Perplexity

Author WeiJianPing
Tutor NingYiZhong
School Hunan Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte Confused Freud's personality theory Humanity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Many of the Emily Bronte novel \In this paper, in-depth profiling novel figures reflected all the confusion and the links between them, from the point of view of psychoanalysis tries to reveal the theme of Emily Bronte their works, the humanity of the characters, environments confusion common. The paper first describes the status of Emily Bronte and \evolution, as well as the literary genre of the numerous and diverse understanding and interpretation of the novel. Chapter by Emily bumpy Unfortunate short life review reveals the painful process of an independent, lonely, strong soul and destiny of silent protest. Content from the novel \The yearning for freedom, the resistance of her fate, her pursuit of ideals such as to reveal Emily persistent ideal and the real-life conflict. In her short life, these conflicts have been confused with her. The second chapter based on Freud's psychoanalytic theory from three aspects of confusion reflected in all kinds of character in the novel. 1, Catherine wandering between love and marriage. Triple personality theory, based on Freud's analysis of the triangular relationship of \; Edgar Linton, Catherine gentle \Catherine confused to choose between 希斯利克夫 and Edgar Linton, in fact, is the \ending. Xisi Ke Li-fu revenge flame suddenly extinguished, their personality, the \The spoils of the struggle is not the instinctive demand, frustration and anxiety accumulated, eventually leading to the Greek instinctive generation died, and eventually led to his self-destruction; 3, the the novel secondary characters dark psychological. Freud's dream theory analysis nightmare of Thrushcross Grange guest Lockwood Overnight in Wuthering Heights, reveal a dark psychological world of the secondary characters. _} _ Novel \: chapter of the conflict through the the analysis novels in human nature, Ai philosophy of life, human nature, intrinsically linked to further reveal the confusion theme paper described three stone: 1, Emily unrealistic notions of love life of Emily weft marriage has never been in love, but the love around her pain, helplessness, deceit and destruction, can be said to be the biggest factor for her views on love, Ai concept of love from a philosophical point of view, in fact, also implies forward the principle of love of ancient Greek mythology, the prototype; 2, the loss of the children's playground. Emily the idea of ??\disappear, thus always difficult to return to childhood innocence, happy Eden; 3, the hero dream of shattered. novel Xisi Ke Li Fu and experience the tragedy of Catherine, in essence, is a muddy heroic aria Emily's life, hoping too much to bear too much, but her heroic struggles and failures, suggesting that Emily's philosophy of life: the real world is a the people fallen world, entered this world, no matter how trying to maintain their original nature will inevitably tainted with sin, departure from the natural step by step, the people into not chains. concluding chapter summarizes the paper work. thesis through the analysis and research, revealed: people, man and nature, man and self- between agnostic 'apprehension, anxiety, and struggle, not only is just a love tragedy, the tragedy of fate, the internal contradictions of human nature, but also the confusion of human survival. fact, this is the original intention of the novelist: Emily borrow works reflect her understanding of life management angle rare and human nature.

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