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The Culture Control Policy of Kuomintang during Ten Years of Nanjing

Author ZhangChenYuan
Tutor LiuHuiJun
School Jilin University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Control policy Kuomintang regime New Life Movement Progressive culture Chiang Kai-shek KMT rule Feudal culture Revolutionary culture Rule policy Nanjing National Government
CLC K262
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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During the ten years of Nanjing government,The Kuomintang praises highly the feudal culture and controls with fascist’s culture,Thorttle Kuomintang ideology lease of life ,But stir against the trend of the times,Finally go away a leave no way out.We choose such some main conduct to analyse.1.Control and sees in the policy backdrop through the Kuomintang culture,It is standing for the mother earth master big bourgeoisie benefit,Goverment 、Repress the proletariat and the revolution the common people. This kind of state political power nature resolved such certainly to pursue the culture and controls the policy. See through the idea trend,The Kuomintang succeeds and the reinforcement Northern Warlords state political power culture policy,The politics that the adaption was opposed revolution is governd .Put into practice the monarchy doctrine of culture,Strenuously push “The political party governs the culture ”,Emphasize that the Kuomintang adjust controlling of culture ,Limit and destroying revolution culture and advanced culture .See through the community state ,The entire Chinese community is among being in to in turmoil,The common people live in privationly,The community is contradictorily keen .The behind the times community lack the earth that the development is make prosper in the well-developed culture,Some well-developed culture are living to have ariseed queen also to be subjected to the pressing here and there .No matter being political actuality and the economic basis,Wholly being living inhibits inner place the entire community limit, the development of limit culture and progress .2.The general sees,The distinguishing feature that the policy is controlled in the Kuomintang culture is praiseing highly feudal culture and fascist’s culture. This is through such “Theorist”In immediate future the expression of one’s political views may be informed of with some policies with what leader awaited.The public opinion propaganda territory is living,repress adaptable each <WP=36>otherly against politics that adjust middle republicanism progressive personage,The Kuomintang adjust to propagate revolution idea and with the advanced culture reaches to combat day expression of one’s political views and bans to the government criticism and change and penalizees,Even to the extent that adoping terrifiedly assassinates the measure,Persecution revolution progress culture public figure.The education territory is living,the Kuomintang is for the sake of the government position to defend self,government position in the particularly culture, put into practice “Political party education ”Policy.The social life respect obtains the embodiment in order to cause such autocracy government can be living,Jiang Jieshi initiatees a trial, and to resume China intrincically ethical,Attaiing the nationality, what resurges so-called “Fresh life campaign ”.Nanjing is ten years,Is Jiang Jieshi pursuies the fresh life campaign what spares no effort most particular period,The Kuomintang put in the greats quantity labours power for this reason, resource and financial capacity,The great expectations are gived in action and effect to the fresh life campaign. Yet the fact makes known,Masses also receive Jiang Jieshi what design this kind “Fresh life ”.At that time,Combat autocracy,Cease civil war ,Put into practice democratic politics ,The unity combats the day ,It is nationwide the feelings of the people,Jiang Jieshi seeks to stretch the attention of the people “Inner place certainly to resist foreign aggression calm earlier ”To go up is the work fruitlessly to the trajectory;Being living , the nationality crisis is grave increasingly,Below the situation that the common people suffer from hunger and cold,Require people to observe rulse,It is impossible to keep alive without serious ambition;But the Kuomintang general corruption of big or small government officials is living,Ignore below the integrity and a sense of honour situation,Jiang Jieshi signs with spirit “Propriety ”,Still

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