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A Study on Industrial Convergence under Informationization

Author LuoZuo
Tutor ShiZhongLiang
School Jiangxi University of Finance
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords Industry Industrial Convergence Expansion of Industrial Convergence
CLC F121.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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As an economic phenomenon, Industrial Convergence is high-tech industries applying to other technology and industries, which lead to two or many kinds of industries break up original industry boundaries, intervene and permeate with each other, then produce new convergent industries. Common technology foundation existing between industries is the foundation of industrial convergence. Based on technological convergence, a complete process of industrial convergence generally includes different phases from business conformity, organization conformity to management conformity and at last reaching market convergence. Not all technological convergence form industrial convergence, but depend on market demand and policy environment. There are many industrial convergence kinds. According to permeating ways, industrial convergence is divided to four types. They are: permeating convergence between high-tech and traditional industries, extending convergence between industries, recomposing convergence inside industries, and new industries replacing traditional industries. Each type has unique character. Owing to the carrier of industrial convergence being enterprise, the paper gives CHESS strategy, CHESS represent respectivevely: Creative Combinations, Horizontal Solutions, Externalities and Standards, Scale Scope and Bundling, System-focused Progress. What enterprise adopts CHESS strategy is likely to succeed.Industrial convergence is not only the special economic phenomenon of the information communication, in fact, it’s developing accelerantly in finance, energy industry and transportation industry, which results in the dominant factor and condition developing function in wider national economy range. Accordingly, the paper sets forth it is possible that industrial convergence expands in the wider scope on the basis of the above theories and factors. Expansion of industrial convergence cannot do without high speeding of the whole social information. Therefore, the paper introduces characters of different stages in the course of information development. The content includes the main technology and principle, Internet focus, sale channel etc. It thinks that the information technology has such features as permeation, driving, multiplying,systemizing, internet and IP technological convergence which makes it possible that it can expand in the wider field than before as a new productive force. At the same time, the paper states the factors, which promote expansion of industrial convergence in details, such as resource, technology and running platform. The above factors promote the expansion of industrial convergence and develop within it.Industrial convergence turns up the high-tech industry, which is high degree of information. Until now, industrial convergence affects on the social economic life deeply. The paper takes the communication, the press, the broadcast and television for example, then illustrates the industrial convergence to change division of the industrial boundary for the digital technology advancing and lead to the boundary obscure, which results in the formation of a new type convergent industry structure. The above industry structure is a horizontal market, which is different from the original vertical one, and reflects a essential change: from simple information transmission to produc content and packing or supplying service and transaction on Internet. Meanwhile, the paper quotes the demonstration-imitation model of Renshougen and analyzes the imitation effect of industrial convergence among the different enterprises of the above three industries. It has such opinion that the industrial convergence gives high- tech and high-valued creative power to enterprises through imitation expansion, thus industrial escalation and social economic achievement increase a lot.As for a developing country to China, it’s an important meaning whether grasps the developing opportunity of a new industry revolution and narrows the digital gap with advanced countries. The paper analyzes the problems in the industrial conver

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