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Go through the academic ideas and a summary of clinical experience and three sons and four cents decoction children cold to relying stagnation cough clinical research

Author HanJin
Tutor ZhouYaoTing
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Experience Clinical research Famous Chinese doctor Sanzisixian Cough in infants waiganjiazhi
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective:Children have the following characteristics, Viscera function fragile, Lung function weak. So that the guard not solid,and cold warm can’t since adjusted, so easily hit the attacks of lung and easy to have a colds, cough,etc. Children also has the characteristic "the spleen deficiency often" Professor Zhou emphasizes the features not refers to the spleen deficiency, and often use herb tea buzhongyiqi is wrong. The essence of the weak spleen function is the spleen can’t digest too much or too high nutritional quality of food.Parents improper feeding, appear stagnant, and this is the food phlegm, influences pulmonary function,thus appear cough. In the pediatric cough, the most common is related to the waiganjiazhi,shitanshangfan(Referred to waiganjiazhi). But this type in the current Chinese medicine academy of pediatrics cough teaching material rarely, and less prescriptions. Professor Zhou invents sanzisixian, which has a positive effect on the infants cough. The long-term clinical application showed that on the dredge, phlegm, cough better. In this paper, we observe the clinical statistics of this prescription effect, but also further analysis of other factors (Such as the treatment and curative effect, course and curative effect) on the impact of this prescription effect.Method:This study using randomized controlled methods,120 patients with waiganjiazhi cough were randomly divided into two groups. Each group have 60 cases. In treatment group,60 cases treated with Professor Zhou experience formula sanzisixian.And in control group,60 were treated with Chinese medicine xiaoerxiaojizhikeye. Course were 4-7 days. For comparison between the two groups, such as curative effect, primary and secondary to improvement of symptoms, course and curative effect, treatment and function of the comparison, as well as safety observation, namely blood, urine, and the routine. Also include liver function (Alt), kidney (serum creatinine, urea nitrogen), ECG examination.Results:After 1-2 treatment,the results show Sanzisixian’s total efficiency was 90%(acute upper respiratory tract infection and acute bronchitis).And the total cure rate was 80%. The treatment group in the cure rate and the total effective rate is better than the control group(p<0.05).Children with different duration(1-7 and 8-13 days) of the cure rate was no significant difference. Through the comparison.course of 5-7 days, the cure rate was significantly higher than those treated 4 days. The outcome shows the efficacy of this method are good regardless of disease duration. And the best for 7 days. In cough, phlegm, eliminate rales in clinical efficacy than the control group, But the increase in appetite and eliminate bloating in the control group no significant difference. After treatment, the treatment group for inspection, did not find abnormal changes obviously. Including blood, urine, and conventional, liver function (Alt), kidney (serum creatinine, urea nitrogen), ECG examination, etc. Taking the sanzisixian treat pediatric cough safety and no side effects. In addition, after Professor Zhou many years clinical application, did not find sanzisixian has obvious side effects, and explain it has the high security.

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