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The Research on a Survey of Tibetan Costume in Dari County, Guo Luo State, Qinghai Province

Author HeXiaoYa
Tutor GuanZhuo
School Northeast Normal University
Course Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords Tibetan Costume Artistic Protection Development
CLC J523.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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National costume is a historical perceptibility of long national living environment, also is the material appearance of its comprehensive national culture information. The Tibetan costume is an important part of our national costume .It comes from the need of specific Qinghai plateau environmental adaption with Tibetan people, as well as uniquely aesthetic spirit embodiment and wisdom achievement.The formation of the Tibetan costume is in connection with environment and climate conditions of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Dari County, Guo Luo State, Qinghai Province is located in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is very complicated; having vast territory .The average elevation is 4000 meters above, caused oxygen shortage, and great difference in temperature during day and night. These objective reasons choose the main function of Tibetan costume primitively concentrates the needs of survival; therefore, the Tibetan costume has high practicability. Also, Love for beauty is the nature of people; aesthetic pursuit reflects Tibetan people’s thousands of years’wisdom and aesthetic orientation.Tibetan costume mainly contains Tibetan robe, sleeveless, apron, Tibetan boots and frock. As the times progress, it forms the cultural costume for Tibetan man and woman, monks and children. The accessories culture is very galore, from head to foot, they wear the accessories made from gold, silver, corals, amber, agate, and loose rock , costume and accessories are combined, costume shows up to advantage with accessories .all of this contains a bright national characteristics.The Tibetan people themselves have the aesthetic awareness and understanding involved in the process of creating costume ,and show the unique artistic and value coming from the costume color ,costume model and costume material.In recent decades, with technological advancements and convenient transportation, Tibet has open the door to the world. Wires and roads has reached the door of pasture region, Dari County, Guo Luo State, Qinghai Province is changing quickly by the support of government policies. At the same time ,the culture from outside bring an unstoppable culture shock to Tibetan local culture when they study and draw the Tibetan local culture, and this has changed and assimilated the culture and the way of life slowly in Tibet. Today’s Tibet, Environment has a slight influence to people because of the production and life changing, which makes the Tibetan costume raise the transformation starting from practical leading to aesthetic leading. A lot of people wear modern fashion clothes instead of traditional clothes. The production of Tibetan costume and inheritance of it needs to be protected.

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