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The Studies on Controlling of Government Cost

Author WangYuHeng
Tutor ZhouGuangHui
School Jilin University
Course Administrative Sciences
Keywords Government cost Control of Human cost Direct costs Indirect costs Management efficiency Expenditure Policy Rapid growth Costs Fiscal Dependents
CLC D630
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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With the establishment and development of social market economic system,more and more public pay attention to efficient problem how to evaluate the government activities of management of national affairs, social public affairs and public service. In according to the theory of administration,finance and modern economics,I have analyzed efficiency of the government administration on aspect of government cost. I consider that manage and control government cost is the important method of evaluating and improving the government administrate efficiency. What is more, there is given academic and practical significance in this paper. I have analyzed this problem in this paper through following four sections:The first section is devoted to the problem of government cost theory, And I begin with the conception of government cost that is the total expenses which government used in public management and offering public service, and the indirect loss present and near future which derive from it. After that, in order to check and control government effectively, we focus on the category of government cost and afford two different kinds class: one is that according to the extent of measurement of cost lay down, it’s divided into direct cost and indirect cost, Anther is that according to the nature of government cost, it’s divided into human cost, official business cost and public investment cost. Human cost is the total money that staffs that work in government organization expend. Official business cost is the money used in maintaining government operation and developing each business. Public investment cost is the expenditure that because of the need of managing society, government under its name pays for society. The inability of presenting indirect cost in the budget and public <WP=36>investment cost isn’t the necessary part of government cost in the nature make us select the direct cost, human cost and official business cost when commenting on scale and change tendency of government cost in the later part. Finally, we state the significance of controlling government cost that is food for diminishing fiscal expenditure, improving administration effectiveness, alleviating people burden, promoting social member welfare and building an health figure of our government.In section two, we remark the scale and change tendency of government cost. Government cost that is the government consumption of economic source reflects the government function, activity range and operation way and has its own development tendency and operate law. Our paper in order to see whether the scale and change tendency of government cost is rational, we refer to a decade fiscal and static date of 1994-2003 in JiLin province and the index that the proportion of government cost to GDP, government cost to fiscal revenue and government cost to fiscal expenditure for analyzing the extent of ration in government cost relate to total amount of social economy, fiscal expenditure and revenue. After this analyses, we consider as far as economic development level and fiscal scale of JiLin province, the phenomenon that government cost recently increase too quickly and build the scale too large occur in JiLin province.What we deal with in section three is researching why government cost so quickly. By considering two important factors that compose government cost that are the operation laws and characters of the human cost and official business cost, it can be revealed the deeper reasons: human cost grows much and official business cost hasn’t reduced where the major reason of the former problem are the population who is supported from the finance <WP=37>continuous enlarge and wages level enhance speedily and that of the later problem are followed three: first, the defect of system that includes incontrollable staff travel, standard fixed mount expenses of entertainment and present not rational system design, and in the field of public department, because of uncompleted transition of government duty, and unmatched,unsciential system design, there exist

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