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The Component Management System Based on the Principle of Reasoning Arithmetic Independence

Author ChenGuang
Tutor LiuDaYou
School Jilin University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Inference algorithm Independence Management system Component Integration Component library Data Specification Business Logic Layer Integrated development platform Intelligent Agriculture Of Agricultural Information
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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The research of “Integrate Platform for Developing Intelligent Agriculture Information System” belongs to the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program). Since the beginning of the research, it has all through faced to the domain of Agriculture inforizing, and the domain is the forerunner of revolution in Agriculture Technology all along.Beside, in the development based component, developers assembled a new software system with existing component. But in the development of the component without application system, many problems occurred because we can not get any necessary information then. Some problems about components themselves are component interface, prefix condition, postposition condition, and unfunctional component impress such as reliability, resource requirement, timing requirement and so on. Some other problems are about the relationship between component and its application system. In one word, that are the problems on component description, the problems on component configuration, and the problems on the dependence each other.With the deepening of component reusing, the management technology for components are impressed more person. However, component application is so complex and the application fields are so multiplex that there is no consistent solution for them. Even some solutions has got other problems, so as that Microsoft company descript COM component with REG table, and track the dependence when COM run on first time, by which way some component self problem were settled, but some new problems are fetched out such as version problem and so on. Since, component management are more localized and integratized, i.e. shrinking the area of the problem, put the problem into special application system, and analysis the especial requirement to simplify the problems. When developing my component management system, I have integrated it into its application system of “Integrate Platform for Developing Intelligent Agriculture Information System”, and put my emphases on the problems of component description and component configuration. In another hand, I have offer visual tools to users for the practicability and the simpleness. <WP=70>In the past several years, the group of the research was fetching out several version of Integrate Platform with the function improving. Especially in the past two years, a new pattern based on .Net technology of Microsoft brought forward in the new version. And using software and component tech. based on .Net assembly criterion, highly integrating the former or later component, we designed a componential Developing Platform for expert system with C# programming language, at one time we organic combined the AI and ES technology with new software technology of ASP.NET and XML. Compared with former version, the new one has the following characteristics: higher integrate degree, better agility, more friendly interface and multimedia affordable. On the other hand, according to idea of software reusing, also for converting the Platform from a specialties software on Agriculture inforizing domain to a reusable software on pure computer domain, we fetched out a principle for reasoning component Independence with Platform, so as to make the reasoning part independence, componential and standardization to reduce the dependent degree for Platform. Aftertime with the principle, Platform can deal more with the other inforizing domain, such as industry, medical, economy, education and so on. Management System of Component and Integrate Criterion of Reasoning Component are developed and constituted on the principle.In Management System of Component, there are 7 functions for management, including Component Loading, Component Classifying, Component Storage, Component Querying, Component Configuration, Component Upgrading and Component Unloading; 4 visual tools of User Friendly, including Loading, Querying, Upgrading and Configuration tools. Using all the function and their visual tools you can manage component easily, and confirm to provide

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