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An Empirical Research on Employment Discrimination of Female University Students in China

Author LiuTao
Tutor BianHuiMin
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course Human Resource Management
Keywords Employment Sexism Admittance Promotion Remuneration
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This paper focuses on China's employment of female graduates discrimination. In this study, according to the find the problem, identify problems, analyze problems, think the logical order of Female Students in employment discrimination gradually expand to full-text speak with the facts, data support, with mature theoretical reasoning and analysis. In recent years, the university graduates in China market supply and demand is increasingly sharp increase in the number of supply in the labor market means that the employer in selecting new employees have a more relaxed space, further established pattern of a buyer's market, this happens all of discrimination of female students had a role in fueling. Part of the employer has the right to full freedom of choice, through explicit or implicit means, the job of university graduates discriminatory selection, which resulted in sex discrimination in employment on the labor market of college students. The theory of sex discrimination in employment is now more mature and rich. The theory of economics when the devaluation of Becker's economic theory of discrimination, he created a precedent for economic approach to the analysis of human behavior in life, later economists continue to improve and enrich the theory of discrimination, monopoly and non-monopoly theory of sex discrimination is one of the representatives; Phil Phillips stood the macroeconomics perspective with the relationship between economic growth and unemployment, provides a broad policy environment for the study of sex discrimination in employment, gender discrimination in employment research great inspiration. In sociology, sociologists, social exclusion theory and fracture analysis tool is the study provides a new perspective, the the sociology theory is that if the discrimination was thrown from the social structure, the consequences are serious, This theory reveals the great dangers of sex discrimination and the rights of persons deprived. Management, the comparable worth theory put forward, revealing to achieve the tissue internal remuneration consistency of the difficulties, and driven by human resource managers to find a more suitable organizational change development in the era of knowledge economy, more objective, less likely produce discrimination on the sensitive topic of pay system, so the ability-based pay system more and more into the public view, although there are still defects need to continue to improve in practice, but the pay system in the establishment of a learning organization, to reduce gender discrimination in employment has played a positive role. There are numerous acts of discrimination suffered by female students, in order to be able to simple and clear, focused, selected access discrimination, promotion discrimination and pay discrimination these three dimensions to analyze the female college student employment discrimination. Resolve these three dimensions were selected three indicators corresponding to these dimensions, through the introduction of the value of the index, you can draw some useful conclusions through empirical analysis. Indicators to measure the access discrimination is the first job for college students seek time, the search time to a certain extent can measure the extent of the job search process suffered the entry threshold; In addition, the selection of a number of different gender groups in different occupations proportionate share of the statistics to illustrate the discrimination exists in the labor market access for female college students. Promotion discrimination indicators measure the proportion of women in the organization's management and senior technical organizations in the promotion ladder remains no gender differences to smooth status, gender should not become the constraints of women living in high-level factors. Indicators to measure the pay discrimination is the starting salary of college students recruited, select this indicator on the one hand to the Analysis of female students in entry pay status and male college students the gap; also because of data limitations of this study, yet can not support the pay status of female college student recruits a few years later, so choose the starting salary as a yardstick. In this paper, with discrimination in employment of female college students is an objective reality assumptions, analysis on existing data, the results of the analyzes support the existence of discrimination in the opening assumptions. Survey of access, promotion and pay discrimination, were found in varying degrees of discrimination for female college students. This paper, a total of six parts. The first part is an introduction, describes the background of the research methods and ideas, and the study was carried out literature review, reading and understanding of domestic and foreign literature, from discrimination, employment discrimination, domestic and foreign employment gender discrimination in the status quo, employment of university students at home and abroad to several aspects of the research to extract the research framework and content support. As you can see from the literature review also abroad there is discrimination in the employment of female college students, foreign scholars in this study has made a good attempt. The second part is the theoretical basis of this study. In the method of the study has already been mentioned, this study will take interdisciplinary analysis in the theoretical basis from the three disciplines of economics, sociology and management were cited in this study will be based on several theories. These theories are not separated thousands of miles, but are inextricably linked to each other, but to examine the issue there is a difference in the angles and perspectives only. The third part is a description of the status quo of Female Students in employment discrimination. First, from the literature review summarized the research on the understanding of the connotation of Female Students in employment discrimination, discrimination from prejudice, social fracture and cultural traditions of the interaction of the three; Second, we summed the discriminatory character of the employment of female graduates in China, these features The same is summed up from the literature review; Finally, the article examines the core, that is, What are the manifestations of female college students encounter discrimination in employment, which is an extension of the female college student employment discrimination Features. Part IV The empirical analysis and cause analysis. The empirical analysis from the access, promotion, remuneration verified the existence of discrimination. According to the empirical results, combined with the theoretical basis, made the attribution analysis. These reasons are mainly from the point of view of the enterprise human resource management to elaborate, but also a combination of a number of other factors, such as the current financial crisis might be interested in female college students employment discrimination brought. The fifth part is the response measures proposed in this study. Written measures guiding principle is: discrimination is accompanied human history, and in the short term is impossible to eliminate completely, but only by taking mandatory or skill means and measures to reduce the incidence of discrimination soothing discriminatory behavior of conflicts arising. The sixth part of the conclusions of this study. In conclusion, concentrated summarizes the results of the empirical analysis of Female Students in this study support the proposition that suffered discrimination in employment. Also pointed out that the innovation of this study described the specific situation of female college students in China suffer from discrimination in employment, on the one hand, with the survey data, this study expressed more persuasive; on the other hand, will the Management factor into this research, this study can reflect the characteristics of human resource management professional. In addition, this study there are still many places worthy of further research, such as promotion of discrimination against women, which requires long-term accumulation of data in order to obtain a more perfect answer; women pay limited in a specific industry will study more convincing. The author is limited, this study is inadequate in this special experts and scholars review this criticism and taken under the wing.

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