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Rural Junior High School PE Self-handicapping and Tranining Strategy

Author WangHaiGe
Tutor YinXiaoWang
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Countryside Junior high school students Sports academic self-handicapping Physical exercise Related
CLC G633.96
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Modern society there are inevitably academic competition, determine the number of students destined to withstand the failure of the individual in order to avoid failure, avoid being as a low-energy or stupid, it will take a non-adaptive learning strategies. The attention of these strategies will transfer from the ability attributed to other external factors, these evasive strategies by researchers referred to as \Since the 1990s, a number of educational psychologists began to examine school and classroom secondary school students self-handicapping behavior, they believe that in typical school and classroom capacity evaluation scenario, students may avoid the negative emotional results will be obstacles in advance, in order to be prepared for potential failure reasonable excuse, this behavior is the academic self-handicapping. Research on academic self-handicapping is psychological measurement, education, experiment and observation, other methods use very little, a lot of research just to stay in the young academic self-handicapping situation, influencing factors of, there is no in-depth study what angle or how effective solution on this issue, to find a solution to the problem. Existing school education, sports has been in a significant place, coupled with the current examination system, in the exam, college entrance examination Physical examination in the school curriculum is the implementation of emergency measures taken by the students in the sports learning of academic self-handicapping is not too much attention, correct guidance, not to encourage students to become interested in the sport, ignoring the role of sport-specific aspects of the student's physical, mental, wisdom. The study draws on existing research results at home and abroad, using literature data, questionnaires, experiments and other research methods, in a bid proposed according to the researchers educational intervention or policy for students to use specific interventions to help students develop reasonable intervention plan, as much as possible to increase their grasp orientation, optimistic strategy, to gradually improve their academic self-efficacy, so that they can calmly deal with the challenges facing academic. First use the Si Gangyan translated into Chinese achievements tendency of individual differences in test table, the Li Xiaodong revised self-handicapping tendency scale was revised, the preparation of the questionnaire to learn about sports to collective Surveying psychological indicators of measurement results show that the urban and rural middle school students self-handicapping in sports studies there was a significant difference, that rural students' academic self-handicapping sports is significantly higher than urban students and junior high school students self-handicapping higher than sophomore. Second, we take a sample of cluster method, but also in order to facilitate sampling, selected to participate in two classes of the questionnaire as subjects, divided into intervention group and the control group, the experimental group, 10-week sports traing interference to collective Surveying psychological indicators measuring results: the experimental group subjects' self-handicapping and achievement motivation index after the experiment has varying degrees of change, that student sports academic self-handicapping physical exercise significantly reduce , and overall achievement motivation significantly improved, indicating that physical exercise intervention on self-handicapping has significantly improved. These results enrich the content of the research in this field in China, there are certain theoretical significance, Physical Education conscious students of qualities and habits, to enhance their controllable perception, to achieve better academic performance, with a certain practical significance. Based on results of this study, the following conclusions: 1 junior high school students' sports academic self-handicapping there are significant grade differences, second grade students use more than the first day. 2 middle school students in rural and urban high school students in sports academic self-handicapping performance on the existence of significant differences, rural middle school students in sports academic self-handicapping behavior significantly higher than in urban junior high school students. Sports academic self-handicapping has a significant correlation with achievement motivation, achievement motivation is low, the more we tend to take sports academic self-handicapping strategies. 4. Use of means of physical exercise has a significant positive effect on rural middle school students' academic self-handicapping.

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