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The Research and Development of Virtual Emergency Training Device for JL-8 Fighter Based on USB

Author LiuYanChun
Tutor LinJun
School Jilin University
Course Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords Virtual Instrument USB bus Flight Simulator Windows Driver Model OpenGL Flight Principle
CLC V323
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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The Virtual Instrument(VI) is the New-type instrument that adds the specific hardware to the computer and has the software realizing the special function. The hardware is no longer a systematic principal part in the VI, and it just realizes the import and export of the signal. The miscellaneous work, such as analysis, statistics and display of the signal, etc. are all transferred to the systematic software to be dealt with. Utilizing high-speed operation of the computer processor, VI can receive the result quickly , any user can alter the software according to the demand at any time and make it have new function. At present, JiLin University is spreading the developing and researching work in this field and the purpose is to form a VI software platform with the freedom property right.By the last few years, with the rapid development of VI technology, the training system of aviation has changed greatly. First the appearance of the large scale form of Flight Simulate Device provides the better training conditions to flight. But for its high price, it is hard to be permeated in PLA. While the subject "Virtual Emergency Training Device for JL-8 Fighter " which we are talking is a facility device. The basis of it is the combination of USB technique and developing tools. The advantage of hot plugged, cheap, dependability and low consumption made it possible to be adopted by PLA in training. This kind of training device can perform some kinds of special training subject which can not be performed in real flight. By doing so ,the pilot can get a practice experience which can benefit him when encounter emergency situations in the air .The project which is in use has been partly promoted in the Seventh AirforceFlight Academy and has been applied for the third award of military science advancement. It is now under new investment that the new research work has been widely expanded .There are mainly 3 steps for the development of Virtual Emergency Training Device for JL-8 Fighter. The making of hardware, driver programming and software programming.1. The Process of Hardware MakingSomething like a joystick was made in this period for the sensor to transmit all the pilot’s operations to windows system via USB bus while the pilot "flying" a aircraft.USB(Universal Serial Bus)is a kind of fast, convenient computer bus standard, and.have such superior characteristic as plug and play(PNP), hot plugged, cheap, dependability and low consumption. So, it has already become the ideal choice of the portable instrument computer interface. The sub subject of great projects of tenth five years plan of the country named "research and development of general software platform developing the scientific instrument " , regards USB as one of the standard buses that must be supported in the independent software platform of instrument. So ,I made the USB the first choice of transferring of date.2. the Programming in Driving Procedurethe driver of USB equipment belongs to Windows Driver Model(WDM). WDM stems from the Windows NT type driver, and has been added some new content such as PNP, the bus driver and class driver etc. WDM includes two important respects: First of all, it is the standard structure of kernel model describing the equipment driver. This structure describes the loading of driver and how to answer user’s request and communicate with hardware; Secondly, Microsoft offers a series of busdrivers and class drivers for equipment of the common type such as USB equipment. These drivers serve for the equipments according with the same standard or use the same kind of bus to interconnect with computer, and they make the equipment driver simple to write. The user’s drivers on the top of driver stack needn’t communicate with the equipment directly, and they can be absorbed in the functions of users.On the basis of further investigation of the principle of USB equipment driver and design methods, this thesis develops the driver for USB interface ship under Windows DDK.3. Software ProgrammingThis project aims at exe

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