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The Study About Appliance and Technology of Cannon Rotary-atomizing Long-shot Air-assisted Spraying

Author LiuJian
Tutor LvXinMin
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords Plant Protection Equipment Low Capacity Centrifugal Atomizing Technology Air-Assisted Sprayer in Orchard
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Plant protection is an important segment to guaranteeing fertility and good harvest in agriculture, and its equipment is an indispensable tool to realize the target。Low—capacity spraying、rotary atomizing and long-shot air-Assisted Spraying are the new technologies arisen recently in the field of plant protection equipment. Its special merits: saving labor and drug, low cost, timely preventing and curing, and being not strict to the sorts of drug and weather condition etc., which have made these new technologies walk in the first rank in the field of plant protection equipment. Combination with the item ‘the Three Project in Agriculture in Jiangsu Province’, which had been undertaken by Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of Agriculture Department ,we finished << the research about appliance and technology of cannon rotary- atomizing long- shot Air-Assisted Spraying >>,which can carry out the spraying technology of high efficiency and low pollution, raise the drug attachment rate to the crop target, reduce the subsidence on to the ground and escapement. Besides, resolved the key problem in the technology of cannon rotary- atomizing long- shot Air-Assisted Spraying and the technology of high-efficiency low-pollution applying drug. By the research, we designed 3WP—800 cannon rotary- atomizing long- shot air-assisted sprayer This paper researches some technique datum concerned home and abroad, catches hold of the facts, which influence the quality of spraying. We also made a comparative test with two kinds of common centrifugal atomizing nozzles (one is rotating-disc type with two kinds of turntable forms and two kinds of structural parameters; the other is rotating-cage type with three kinds of rotating-cage sizes and five kinds of net specifications) at the rotational speed 2000 to 12000 rpm. From the test ,we found out the various regulation of droplets under different operating conditions, and it comes that the rotational speed is the major influence factor to the size of centrifugal atomizing droplet,nozzle structure is the secondary factor. Meanwhile, it was also found that obvious linear relationship exists between size and rotational speed, when rotational speed achieves 6000 Rpm, Still the atomization capability may <WP=7>satisfies the atomization requirement, then the regression equation could be built between droplet diameter and revolution. As for the rotating-disc type , the structure of large diameter ( d=160mm ) and three-curved is superior to the one of small diameter ( d=130mm ) and single curved in their atomizing function,and the data of its each test point stands in order, when under the same condition of rotating-disc diameter and rotational speed, the atomization nozzle with tooth is better than the one without; the droplet is to be small when the outer screen-mesh is dense. Combination with the practical needs of producing in our country, selecting reasonable parameters, and optimizing the structure, we designed a new plant protection appliance of universal property and wide usage scope. To the problem of machines’ power, there are innovations in three-dimensions driving mechanism as well as vertical axis transmission and lubrication, their original design is fully new in our country, which has achieved three national patents. Its great meaning lies in improving the technology level of orchard medicine-applying appliance in our country, and shortening the gap between our country and advanced country in this field of protection machinery.

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