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Studies on Han Shan Zhou Tan by Zhao Yiguang

Author ZhaoYanHui
Tutor CongWenJun
School Jilin University
Course Historical Philology
Keywords Cold Mountain Calligraphy Masakoto Philology methods Calligraphy Theory Academic insights Appreciation method Calligraphy History Learn from each other Historical Value Academic vision
CLC J292.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Han Shan Zhou Tan is an important calligraphy literature on wholly discussing calligraphy by Zhao Yiguang of Ming Dynasty, in which Zhao Yiguang put most new formulations that hadn’t been discussed before. It has great value of both calligraphy history and calligraphy theory, and also plays an important role in both calligraphy history and calligraphy theory history. However, it is a pity that this book hasn’t got much deserved attention since a long time ago. For this reason, the thesis is trying to fill in the gaps of this study sphere. The author gives systematical research about Han Shan Zhou Tan in five aspects.I. Zhao Yiguang and His Han Shan Zhou Tan The author makes textual researches and states about the birth-and-death years, the last name, the styled name, the literary name and the native place of Zhao Yiguang, as well as his family’s social standing, his living experiences and making friends, etc, and also gives comment on his study, his calligraphy and seal artistry so that the history can be renewed to its original features in extremely degree. Afterwards, the author gives a wholly introduction about the style, the content and the edition of Han Shan Zhou Tan through documentary scientific method.II. On Argument Features of Han Shan Zhou Tan Because of Zhao Yiguang’s own knowledge background, academic characters and social circumstances, his Han Shan Zhou Tan has distinct features compared with other argumentations of the same period. Master Zhao not only understands philology, but also likes seal cutting and masters seal theories. The poetry and literature of Ming Dynasty, the citizen life and the rise of the citizen’s literature and art thought have all had deep influence on his argumentations. He likes to use oral expressions and living languages to discuss the abstruse calligraphy theories. His critical language also has its sole characters. The author approaches all these aspects deeply.III. On Ancient Worship of Han Shan Zhou Tan Firstly, the author objectively analyzes the reasons of Master Zhao’s ancient worship; secondly, expounds Master Zhao’s worship of seal character and high aim theory in detail; thirdly, expounds Master Zhao’s mixture of various calligraphy styles on the premise of ancient <WP=71>worship; and last, discusses Master Zhao’s ancient worship, refined and popular tastes and calligraphy of Ming Dynasty in his own view.IV. On Appreciation of Han Shan Zhou Tan In this part, the author explains a complete set of appreciation theory about Han Shan Zhou Tan. At first, appreciation is a both difficult and important branch of learning; then, one should have his own view about it rather than say what others say; thirdly, one should form a set of independent appreciation method; fourthly, it, Han Shan Zhou Tan, gives its own appraisal system; at last, it expounds the mutual usage of appreciation and calligraphy research.V. The History Position and Limitation of Han Shan Zhou Tan Through comparison and analyze with Shu Fa Ya Yan by Xiang Mu, the author concludes that Han Shan Zhou Tan is a very important calligraphy document of Ming Dynasty and has special position. Yet, because of Master Zhao’s history limitation on academic view, there is also much limitation in Han Shan Zhou Tan, thus it makes us give further objective comment on Han Shan Zhou Tan.

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