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The Preliminary Exploration of Tombs of Tang Dynasty in Shanxi

Author HuaYang
Tutor WeiCunCheng
School Jilin University
Course Archaeology and Museology
Keywords Shanxi Province Tomb Soil cave tomb Plane shape Brick tomb Changzhi area Funerary objects Taiyuan area Burial Datong area
CLC K878
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Shanxi lies in the area where is west to Taihang mountains and east to the Yellow River,as one of important birthplaces of Chinese nation,during thousands and hundreds years,here has leaved much richer culture survivals of ancient times,which attract much attention of archaeologists and historians.This paper analyses Tang dynasty tombs discovered in Shanxi area. And this paper divides into 7 parts:The first part: preface this part firstly introduce the location of Shanxi province, then introduce its political position in Tang dynasty.Taiyuan is the north capital of Tang dynasty, which has a very important position in the history.Besides,this part also introduce the Tang dynasty tombs discovery situation in Shanxi area, so far, the number of tombs whose materials have been published openly is 56,of which, 27 tombs have detailed statements, this paper mainly base on these 27 tombs’s writing materials. finally, this part introduce the present research situation of Tang dynasty tombs,there are two related articles,one is“old person under tree” and the screen type fresco in Tang dynasty tombs ,the other is the part chapter and section of Sui Tang in the book 40 years of Shanxi archaeology . Evidently,there still have no overall systematic research article of Tang dynasty tombs in Shanxi, so, with above materials, this paper make a detailed introduction of the tombs’s distribution condition, and divide it into corresponding stages.The second part:the shape and structure of tombs According to the difference of building materials,the Tang dynasty tombs in Shanxi can divide into two kinds, brick-chambered tomb and cave-chamber tomb: (one) brick-chambered tomb:this kind of tomb mainly lies in the area of Taiyuan and Changzhi,and they are all single chamber,the plane shape of the tomb chamber is very regular,they are,square with round angle,square or rectangle,and the four-sided walls of the tomb chamber are outwardly built certain angle, according to the difference of the tomb chamber’s building form, brick-chambered tomb can furtherly divide into three kinds:1、tomb with shaft and passage:its number is Only one,and located in the area of Yun city, which has six shafts,passages and small niches. 2、tomb with small niche,wall niche or side chamber: The number of this kind of tomb is five, some of them have two small niches or two side chambers,even,one of the tombs has six wall niches. 3、tomb without small niche,wall niche or side chamber: These tombs’s plane shape are square,square with round angle or rectangle,which is the common form of the brick-chambered tomb. (two) cave-chamber tomb: The cave-chamber tomb mainly lie in these two areas of Datong and Houma, and they are all single chamber,too. the plane shape of the tomb chamber is not as regular as brick-chambered tomb, some of them are rectangle, some are trapezoid, and some are irregular. According to the difference of tomb chamber’s plane shape, cave-chamber tomb can be divided into three kinds: 1、 rectangle-shaped cave-chamber tomb:its number is three,and they all lie in Houma. 2、 trapezoid-shaped cave-chamber tomb: The width of tomb chamber is not consistent, the former part is narrow usually and the rear is wide, so,they are called trapezoid-shaped tomb. 3、 tomb with irregular shape: this kind of tomb mainly lie in Datong, whose plane shape is very irregular. The third part of the paper:buried utensils and burial customs 1、buried utensils: in Changzhi,both wooden coffin and coffin bed are widely used;while in Taiyuan,coffin bed is the only prevalent utensil,and in Datong,wooden coffin is the only prevalent utensil for burying. 2、burial customs:for the bones of person is relatively numerous,after careful analysis,I think that burial customs should include two kinds of conditions:one phenomenon should be twice bury,because there are several skeletons in tomb chamber and the skeletons are disorder;another phenomenon should be funeral murder ,because there are much more bones scattered in disorder in side chamber, besides the

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