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The Study on the Modernlism Factors of Wuthering Heights

Author SunShuWen
Tutor YangDong
School Jilin University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Wuthering Heights Modernism Emily Bronte Narrative method Narrative perspective Self Catherine Traditional novel Novel The art of the novel
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Amily Bront? novel, Wuthering Heights, is a remarkable one. Since 20thcentury, Wuthering Heights has been regarded as the most classical Literature its motif. Hot discussions have been happening among them not only about characters in this novel but also its narrative methods.In the author’s opinion, although Wuthering Heights is not a modernist work, Amily Bront? acutely experienced some social essential features earlier than the other British writers in her times. Moreover, her art and literature is more flash-forward than other contemporary literary works. To our pity, some modernist factors in Wuthering Heights are often neglected for some reason. Therefore, the main purpose of this thesis does not: research this novel all round but re-explore the modernist factors in it so that we can make a fresh remark on this novel.The first modernist factor in Wuthering Heights is the exploration of the warped mentality and alienation of the heroes in it. <WP=35>The gratitude and resentment between Heathcliff and Catherine is not an ordinary romance but one of self-warping of humanity and mental tragedy caused by this. Cacherine’s decision to marry Edgar betrays not only herself but also Heathcliff’s love to her .her Amily Bront? acutely revealed how humanity is alienated the false civilization at that time. Meanwhile, Heathcliff’s mad revenge also departs from common human being’s emotion and ethic, which changes him into a crazy avenger, and what’s more, the way of Heathclifl’s revenge is just the same as that which his oppressors punish him This completely changes the nature of his revenges and leads to the self-alienation of his humanity.While Amily Bront? is not a symbolist, Still, we can find many symbolism technique of expression in Wuthering Heights, This is another modernist factor.Amily Bront? tries to explore the warped mentality and alienation of humanity, Then,it is not enough to use only modernist technique of expression in her work, She has to apply several symbolisms in her novel. It is through a series of images, <WP=36>such as wildernesses, storms, shrubberies, windows that deepens the connotation and broadens the descriptive methods of the novel. Amily Bront? stresses the symblism function of the windows in the novel, therefore, to understand the symblism meaning of every images in the novel will help us grasp the features in art and ideology. Though Wuthering Heights was finished in mid-19th century, its narrative method and point of view are quite particular. Amily Bront? not only employs two secondary characters, Lockwood and Ellen to relate the story but also adopts double narration to tell the story. This method enforces the objectivity and credibility of the novel, it also gets rid of the relating way in traditional novels. In addition, Wuthering Heights breaks through the common narrative method in the sequence of time, instead, the inverted narrative is used in it. On the other hand, this novel applies the multiple angles to relate the story interminttently. All of these above prove Wuthering <WP=37>Heights is a modernist novel.Another modernist factor in Wuthering Heights is the description of dreams. It is through the description of Lockwood’s dreams at the beginning of the novel that we know about Heathcliff and Catherine’s love affair for the first time. Aparently, Lockwood’s nightmare has nothing to do with the plots of the novel. In fact, the descritption of the nightmare is the key to understand the novel. Moreover, another Lockwood’s dream about religion also plays an important role in the novel.

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