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The Study on Chen-Guan

Author GuoZhiAn
Tutor LiHuaRui
School Hebei University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Chen irrigation Political Reform The Wang Anshi day recorded The Siming respect Yao set HAPPY respect Yao set
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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This article is based on the late Northern Song Chen Jin character as the center of the case studies. Since the demise of the Northern Song Dynasty Ancestor toward to Huizong North Korea, and even the Northern Song Dynasty, called the ups and downs of the most important period of Northern Song Dynasty politics. As a main line of development throughout the late Northern Song Dynasty, that is, around Wang Anshi them or negative or affirmative repeatedly struggle. In this political environment, the political fate of Chen Guan also closely associated with them. In the development of his career, Chen Guan mainly Taiwan Jianguan identity has launched a relentless struggle with Zhang Dun cloth, Bian Cai, Cai Jing et al career of popular repression. Especially to Huizong Chao, Chen Guan is included in \Chen Guan initial Wang's talent, character and academic, are particularly highly regarded. Huizong toward Chen Guan two important works - \\to to Maintain \Chen Guan, political, academic thought had occurred this evolution, on the one hand, is closely related to the tumult of the Council of the late Northern Song Dynasty. Ancestor toward the end of the Northern Song Dynasty new, the old bipartisan intensified struggle, of Chen Guan political activities new, the old bipartisan's struggle throughout intertwined closely connected; On the other hand, Chen Guan different times thinking of the Order of the also undergone a major transformation. Along with their career development, Chen Guan academic thinking has also experienced a significant evolution from dumping Muwang An Shijing Gong new school to the Benedictine heart two-way Luo School. With the Southern Song Dynasty Northern Song subjugation of the disaster blamed on the arrival of the Wang Anshi its Reform, academic this political climate, Chen Guan is due to the writings and speeches of the \and many of the scholars praise.

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