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On Historical Experience about Restoring and Developing National Economy Rapidly in the Early Stage of PRC

Author ZhangHongJun
Tutor GaoRenLi
School Jilin University
Course CPC's history
Keywords Early Days Rapid recovery Historical experience The recovery of the national economy Party and the People's Government Camp economic Economic recovery Democratic decision-making Development of production Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee since
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Early days, the Party and the People's Government in extremely difficult circumstances under the leadership of the National People's rapid recovery and development of the national economy, the description of practical actions to the world, the party not only to gain power, and good to rule the world, National People's ability to lead the country management good building. Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, the domestic academia continue in-depth research on the history of the early days of the economic recovery and development, resulting in a large number of theoretical results. These results on the historical experience of the early days of the national economic recovery and development were analyzed and discussed, and a great help for us to recognize the early days of the economic situation and the development of the economy. However, due to various reasons, not a comprehensive summary of the historical experience, the authors in academia, the results have been based on reading a lot of literature, standing in the new era of the height, use of the History of the combined method to Marxism stand, viewpoint and method, summarized the historical experience of the early days of the rapid recovery of the national economy and development. The paper is divided into four parts. Firmly to restore and develop production center of the early days of the national economy, the rapid recovery and development, the most important piece of historical experience is unswervingly to restore and develop production center. Chinese Communist Party on the eve of the founding timely submission of the shift in the focus of work after the founding of the formulation of major policies as a starting point to develop production, various social reform and political movements are closely focus on economic recovery and development of the work, do the political movement not impact economic work. Productivity as the criterion to judge the work of wrongs is reliable. We then made a mistake in its economic development, the fundamental reason is a departure from the productivity standards. Second, the establishment and development of the state-run economy, give full play to the primary task of economic recovery and the People's Government of the leadership role of the state economy is the development and growth of the socialist state economy, to play the role of the new force of the state-owned economy in the national economic recovery and development. At the same time, the use of a strong state economy to make the necessary adjustments and restructuring of the national economy, the establishment of the leadership of the state-owned economy in the national economy, promote the entire socio-economic coordination and steady development under the leadership of the state-run economy. Economic instruments should be in the process of economic construction and administrative means well combined, but the main thing is to rely on the economic means to solve the problem of economic life, in order to promote economic development fundamentally. Correctly handle the party and the people's government of national capitalist economy still faced with how to properly deal with the national capitalism a very crucial issue. How can I do to correct handling of the national capitalist economy? The first is a correct understanding of the characteristics of national capitalism and its status and role in the recovery and development of the national economy, so this policy properly handled according to established national capitalism. Timely adjustment of commercial, industrial, work and mobilize national capitalist economy lt; WP = 34 gt; enthusiasm. The facts show that: in the case of political power, as long as the party and the People's Government to strengthen leadership, private industry and commerce active role in the restoration and development of the national economy. Recognizing the correct policy right path, both effectively combat and control the wrongful acts of the capitalists, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of private industrial and commercial production, played an important role in the economic recovery and development. Fourth, focus on party building, and the implementation of democratic decision-making party is leading everything, the success or failure of the party's own situation is directly related to our struggle and work. New China's establishment of a turning point in the history of the Chinese Communist Party, were faced with the test of the ruling party by a long-term revolutionary armed struggle, the party shift. In order to ensure the national economy, the rapid recovery and development of the Chinese Communist Party to actively promote democracy Jianzheng the establishment of the people's democratic government institutions at all levels, while focused on strengthening the building of the ruling party, the party to become a strong core of leadership in the formulation of policies democratic decision-making and implementation process. The early days of Chairman Mao and the Party Central Committee on major issues in the decision-making is very cautious, different views have great respect for the political life of China showing a strong democratic atmosphere. Brainstorming, democratic decision-making can be done to prevent negligence; through exchange, comparison and discussion of different opinions, help unify the thinking of the whole party, to make the right decisions to be effectively implemented; through democratic discussion, inspire democratic consciousness of the party members and cadres received education cadres, cadres policy level effect. The same time, we should also see that democracy must be programmed, standardization, legal, it will not change from person to person, because sometimes easy to. We explore such as errors committed in the process of socialist construction, road and within his party and the country's political life, democratic style destruction is another great relationship, which is worthy of our deep thinking.

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