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The late Warring States, the world tends to dominate. National thinkers and ideas for how to govern. Han Fei Lee, Wei, name three magic weapons given to the feudal emperors. The first part, Han Fei interest principle as the driving force of the country. He learned early Legalists representative of the view of human nature and inherited Xunzi Human Nature, concluded two theory of human nature on the basis of exaggeration made depicting the relationship between people of all walks of life, concluded that: between people is a pure interest, no exceptions. Han Fei believes that people Olivetti evil harm, then the monarch should take advantage of this state of mind of the subjects, to enact laws and regulations, strict reward and punishment, let them actively engaged in agriculture and war. People would get a small profit of warm clothing cuisine, as Guofu soldiers, the monarch the Overlord of power Italy is just round the corner. The second part, Han Fei how to consolidate the the monarch potential, which is a core part of their thoughts. Because his other claims are around how to strengthen the centralized power of the monarch to consolidate the potential of digital services. He learned early Legalist potential ideas of governance, and have a better understanding of the idea of ??the potential of natural and man-made trend. The potential of nature can not be changed, the human potential can be strengthened, and how to strengthen the potential of this man, The Han Fei proposed measures are: a method with the potential combination. Han Fei believes that the law is a fundamental means to strengthen the monarchy, so there must be a complete legal system. Improve the legal system, such as legislation, law enforcement, law-abiding some valuable ideas, there are still the reference value, but Han Fei believes that the key to strengthen the rule of law is Jun firmly grasp the power of the rule of law, and may not lend subjects , otherwise it will in his death the death of the country for the world to laugh. Second, the potential and the Combination: Han Fei Jun mainly to strengthen the monarchy, the law is not enough, both the method and the technique can be neglected, they are just as important as survival food and clothing for people is the same. The Han Fei surgery means or methods, there are two: one is the class of assessment officials surgery; monarch to control activities against treacherous ministers ruling surgery also includes conspiracy. The Han Fei believes that the results of surgery and without surgery is not the same. Surgery, monarch personnel, but also make their own do not work and active. The third part, the Han Fei dedicated to the emperor an invisible magic weapon - \Let the emperor firmly grasp the power of honor, praise or blame. He believes that everyone both Lee and good reputation. This is human nature, the monarch to the people of this mentality, name country, in order to get a good reputation, must be for the public benefit, otherwise, instead of getting a good reputation, but also attracted a fatal disaster. At this point, Han Fei show a clear despotism, but he advocates the promotion of the people for the cause of national public interest services from the reputation certain positive significance to the community.

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