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Resale Price Maintenance on Book Pricing

Author LiChunYan
Tutor SunYaFeng
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords Books Resale price maintenance The Nett books Agreement
CLC G235
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The prices of the books in two ways: free pricing system and the resale price maintenance system. Different countries adopt different pricing system. For example, the American publisher Books printed price, book price is determined by the retailer, this is a free pricing system. Other countries, such as Finland, Denmark, Australia and other books free pricing system is also implemented. Implementation of the resale price maintenance system in the country represented by Germany, book sales before book price printed in the books on the copyright page, book dealers only in accordance with the development of the price of selling books. In some countries, the book pricing system has undergone repeated between the different pricing systems. France is just the beginning of implementation of the proposed system of book prices, book dealer the suggested books sold in accordance with the Press. Then free pricing of books, but free pricing system so that the French book market into chaos. So near France abolished the free-pricing system, the implementation of resale price maintenance for books. Britain also experienced repeated policy regimes, the face of the book market prices confusion, the United Kingdom after an argument about the implementation of the book price to maintain, but this system has been plagued by controversy, has experienced more than a century of evolution, the final in 1997 The court ruled against the law repealed. This is Why book unlike any other commodity free pricing system studied in this context, and resale price maintenance system will be implemented. And why a system of different countries choose different is why the price maintenance system in the actual implementation of a controversial nature. First in the research methods literature analysis, a more general understanding of resale price maintenance behavior Research. Then use mathematical methods books to maintain horizontal and vertical effects of resale price maintenance system for analysis. As well as case studies, the British book pricing system for further analysis of this issue. The article is divided into four parts resale price maintenance on books to elaborate. First analysis in the introductory part, the literature on the books resale price maintenance, to organize, to understand the context of the study of the problem and the status quo. The second part of the resale price maintenance for books Economic Analysis. Resale price maintenance as a starting point, introduced the connotation of resale price maintenance and its dual effect. Then, by analyzing the special attributes of the book, the implementation of the books to maintain the underlying causes of the resale price maintenance system. Book implementation of maintaining price, such a system will have a double effect, so to elaborate on his economic significance. The third part introduces the book pricing system in the United Kingdom. In the theoretical part of the analysis is complete, the British book pricing system for example, describes the British Library to maintain the evolution of the price system, as well as the final collapse of the system. Then analyzed from the point of view of institutional economics books maintain the source of resale price of institutional change, methods and institutional change delay. The fourth part of the study to maintain resale price after the abolition of the British book market conditions, the use of the British book market data on prices will remain after the abolition of the system, the British book market operating in good condition, the welfare of publishers and booksellers have increased, but consumption the welfare impact is not obvious, so the total effect of the situation is not OK, needs to consider a variety of factors, the final summary of the analysis. The significance of the article is that analysis on the economics of the books for this commodity pricing system, which is the innovation of this paper. Although a lot of in-depth research on vertical restraints and resale price maintenance behavior, but with a resale price maintenance theoretical analysis of the literature of specific commodities or less, most of the book price research articles are just books price system horizontal comparison to see what kind of pricing system, each country or a national pricing system for quantitative analysis, the lack of theoretical depth. This paper attempts to resale price maintenance theory book pricing system analysis, of course, there are many deficiencies that need to be corrected.

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