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Scientific Connotation of Jiang Ze-min’s Thoughts on Advanced Productivity

Author FangWeiBing
Tutor ShiYunXia
School Wuhan University
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Jiang Ze-min advanced productivity essence Development representative
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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JiangZe-min’s thoughts about advanced productivity are very rich in contents and profound. They can be summarized as on essence, development and representative of advanced productivity according to a series of demonstrations by JiangZe-min.The remark on essence exposes scientifically the fundamental contents , principal characteristics and constitutional condition of the advanced productivity. It suggests that the advanced productivity belongs to a scientific and particular category, and it is a productivity which fits for the inherent law in the development of productivity and represents the development direction of productivity. So it has great vitality and extensive development prospect. It also points out tuat advanced productivity is mainly characterized for its farsightedness, innovativeness, efficiency and revolutionary nature. It holds that three basic conditions must be sufficed for any a productivity to become an advanced one in the real sense. It emphasizes that the key to accurately understand the scientific connation of advanced productivity is how tounderstand the relations between scientific technology and advanced productivity, especially to understand the famous judgment put forward by Jiang Zemin that scientific technology is "main symbol and concentrated embodiment of advanced productivity".The remark on development of the advanced productivity exposes as a whole the fundamental motive power ,trend, and basic modes for the advanced productivity development. Scientific innovation makes a basic motive for the development of advanced productivity and it is composed of knowledge innovation and technology innovation. The key of innovation lies in the talent, which is based on education. So we must put forward educational innovation constantly to raise the ideological and moral standards, scientific and educational standards and health conditions of the whole nation. It points out that Marx has scientifically revealed the historical replacement of the backward productivity by the advanced productivity, on the basis of which Jiang Zemin makes a scientific analysis on the development of the contemporary advanced productivity that it tends to be accelerated, knowledge-oriented and green-targeted. Jiang emphasizes that the spanning development of the productivity is thebasic model of social development in an industrialized society. That to achieve a spanning development in productivity is an important duty that must be fulfilled to the contemporary Chinese communists when they represent the development requirement of China’s advanced productivity. The key to this spanning development is innovation. It holds that a realistic choice for this goal is adopt a new industrialization approach. This is a great decision made on the basis of an overall summary of the lessons and experiences in the process of industrialization home and abroad, a natural choice agreeing with the big trend in the development of technology and economy of the world, a right decision taking full consideration of the basic conditions of our country.The remark on the representative of the advanced productivity solves the problem systematically of who is the representative of the advanced productivity and how the demands of the advanced productivity are represented. Marxism classic writers hold that only the proletariat and its party are the real representatives of the advanced productivity, who must be knowledge-oriented to represent both ihe socialist advanced productivity and advanced production relations. Itemphasizes that from the perspectives of historical development and the requirement of the time, Jiang Zemin acutely holds the changes in internal and international affairs, and put forward the celebrated thesis of "Three Represents", holding that the representative of advanced productivity is at the same time the representatives of advanced cultures and the basic benefits of the vast people. Hence he creatively develop Marx’s theory on the representative of advanced productivity. There is no end to both practice and

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