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Manufacturing CRM system based on data mining

Author TanJun
Tutor GuiWuMing
School Central South University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Data Mining CRM Data warehouse Association rules Concept description
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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With the development of computer technology, especially the relational database technology has become more sophisticated management information systems have become the basis of the operation of a modern enterprise, a powerful tool to effectively manage large amounts of data and information generated by enterprises in the process of operation. However, single database as a central component of the management information systems tend to meet the diverse requirements of not modern enterprise data processing, does not have the complex decision analysis. Data warehouse and data mining technology makes enterprise it possible to get rid of the dilemma of the 'islands of information'. The research data mining techniques in the CRM is the foothold of this article, the study of the technology and its applications has a very real sense, to improve the decision-making level and decision-making efficiency. First introduced the basic content of the CRM and data mining, given the needs of a manufacturing enterprise CRM system based on data mining analysis. Then to study how to use the concept descriptions and conceptual comparison data mining method description and evaluation of customer segmentation, customer segmentation improve and supplement this clustering algorithm used in the data mining module. Next, combined with the actual situation on the basis of the data warehouse, and recorded in the data cube weighted multidimensional association rules analysis. This work to enrich the functionality of CRM system's data mining module, one-dimensional, recorded an improved unweighted version of the classic algorithm of association rules. Finally, the design and implementation of a manufacturing enterprise CRM system based on data mining, including the design of the application logic structure of the system, data collection, data tables, data conversion, data warehouse, establishment of functional modules and data preliminary visualization. , CRM applications mainly in the telecommunications, banking, securities, and other industries, the manufacturing-oriented CRM applications, little, less oriented small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises accounted for 90% of the total number of enterprises CRM applications, data mining is a CRM system core technology, this article on how to build data mining-based CRM system in the manufacturing industry to do a meaningful exploration, exploratory work for the future in the enterprise full implementation of the CRM system based on data mining has laid a good foundation.

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